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LSDF Support Magazine

Intended to be the backbone of supplies aboard ships in long-term combat deployments, the support magazine room is intended to handle the production of small arms munitions, energy batteries, vehicle munitions, specialty munitions, and other munition handling functions which do not directly involve the feeding of munitions into a starship's weapon platforms. Manufacturing systems within the support magazine room are designed to automatically produce ammunition on an as-needed basis. Manufactured munitions are then routed to the location they are needed by the use of an insulated magnetic conveyor system which has a secondary conveying system of motorized rollers which are capable of propelling an ammunition container between the support magazine and its destination safely. Destination locations for the support magazine include armories, vehicle supply bays, quartermaster offices, and other designated locations. Support magazines, and their routing systems, are protected by a dual-layer Nerimium and boron-carbide 'box', which also incorporates a layered structure system which functions as a Faraday cage to prevent electromagnetic interference. Additional protection for the magazine room includes exterior and interior gravitic regulation, and conformal EM forcefields.

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