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LSDF Torpedo and Missile Magazine

Torpedo and missile magazine rooms have been designed to focus upon the unique handling needs of Lorath Missiles and Torpedoes. Designed in various sizes, the torpedo and missile magazine room functions are largely the same in most applications. All torpedo and magazine rooms utilize mechanical arm systems to rapidly load missiles and torpedoes into their respective launch tubes, or use rapid feed systems to route missiles into rapid launching systems. Torpedo and missile magazines are responsible for the loading of warheads with antimatter material prior to launch, to prevent the accidental detonation of an antimatter warhead in transit between locations. Magazine rooms are protected by a dual-layer Nerimium and boron-carbide 'box', which also incorporates a layered structure system which functions as a Faraday cage to prevent electromagnetic interference. Additional protection for the magazine room includes exterior and interior gravitic regulation, and conformal EM forcefields. In the case of torpedo and missile magazines, they are further protected by a plasma wash system which can purge torpedo and missile tubes of intrusive objects, materials, and organisms. In larger applications, an interdiction system can be included to prevent the use wormhole-like systems to penetrate the magazine.

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