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LSDF Medical Compartment โ€“ Medium

Designed by the LSDF to be used by the Lorath and their affiliates, the standardized medical compartment has been introduced to promote greater ease in the treatment of personnel by field medics, doctors, and even barely qualified ship crew members. Serving as the primary care facility on mid-sized starships, and in moderately sized installations, the medium sized medical compartment is intended to provide an extensive degree of care. However, due to the size of the design, the medium sized medical compartment is not intended for large numbers of long-term cases.

Information & Equipment

General Information


Designed to serve as a source of medical aid for starships and installations that have moderate numbers of personnel, the medium sized medical compartment is intended to serve as a general purpose medical facility which does not provide specialized long term care, but instead is capable of providing short term care with great efficiency while maintaining versatility in treatment by including a number of resources in which larger medical facilities have at their disposal.

Structural Design


Each medium sized medical compartment has been designed to include two standard modes of entry; from lifts and from a door/hatch located on the same deck/floor as the medical compartment. Both modes of entry provide access to the triage and reception area of this variant of medical compartment.

Each medium sized medical compartment has a layout which places separate sections adjacent to the reception and triage area, allowing for ease in moving patients from initial treatment to their next point in treatment, while allowing medical personnel to have easy and quick access to sections as well.

Triage and Reception

In the case of the medium sized medical compartment, triage and reception are conducted in the same section, allowing for the rapid treatment of ailments and wounds. This compartment maintains the proper configuration of a LSDF Triage Compartment.


Each medium sized surgical compartment houses four LSDF Surgical Compartment.

Post Operative Ward

Located adjacent to the surgical section is a LSDF Post Operative Ward with ten beds.

Medical Lab

A single LSDF Medical Lab Compartment has been included in the medium sized compartment's design.

Storage Compartments

LSDF Medical Storage Compartments are included in the medium sized medical bay, and include the full range of storage compartments.

Personnel Resurrection and Revival

A LSDF Personnel Resurrection & Revival Compartment has been included, to allow for the retrieval and revival of personnel.


Medium sized medical compartments include a LSDF Morgue Compartment

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