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LSDF Medical Compartment – Small

Designed by the LSDF to be used by the Lorath and their affiliates, the standardized medical compartment has been introduced to promote greater ease in the treatment of personnel by field medics, doctors, and even barely qualified ship crew members.

Information & Equipment

General Information


Intended for the treatment of routine injuries and ailments, the small medical compartment has been designed to be incorporated into smaller starships, installations, and outposts. Strictly intended to be a short-term treatment center, the small medical compartment is a streamlined medical facility which essentially can be boiled down to an emergency treatment center.

Structural Design


Often occupying only one or two structural compartments, the small medical compartment is intended to have a minimal footprint while offering optimal capability for treatment. Offering one primary entrance, and any convenience entrances which can be added by the structural design of the installation or ship it is being built into, the small medical compartment serves as an afterthought in the design of a starship or complex, yet, optimizes the minimal space for efficiency.


Complimented with a single centralized LSDF Triage Compartment with between four to six beds.

Surgical Ward & Personnel Resurrection and Revival

Squeezed into a separate adjoining section is a single LSDF Surgical Compartment, which happens to double as a LSDF Personnel Resurrection & Revival Compartment and has been outfitted for this purpose.

Post Operative Ward

Actually located out of the medical compartment in proper is a LSDF Post Operative Ward with four medical beds that slide into the wall for storage and space conversation.

Storage Compartments

Located behind panels of the small medical compartment are closet-like spaces which serve as LSDF Medical Storage Compartments. Small medical compartments combine basic supply storage, equipment storage, and non-restricted drug storage, while keeping restricted drugs separate, and storing samples and live organic material together. Fortunately, the morgue storage is kept separate… but amounts to merely an enhanced freezer.

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