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LSDF Surgical Compartment

Designed by the LSDF to be used by the Lorath and their affiliates, the standardized medical compartment has been introduced to promote greater ease in the treatment of personnel by field medics, doctors, and even barely qualified ship crew members.

Design & Equipment


Intended to be an add-on of sorts for medical compartments, the surgical compartment is a specialized room which is intended to provide optimal resources and conditions for a variety of surgical procedures. Each surgical compartment includes its own life support system, a backup power system, and an independent sensor and computer suite which have been included to allow for a surgical compartment to continue to function even during a catastrophic failure of utilities aboard a starship or in an installation.


Each surgical compartment includes a suite of equipment designed for general purpose surgical procedures, and a variety of specialty procedures. Each surgical compartment includes a standardized set of equipment, but is not limited to that set.

Standard Equipment Manifest

Produced by the United Manufacturing Cooperative under licence from Nepleslian Arms and Munitions
With Fian's go-ahead

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