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LSDF Group Bunk Room

The LSDF designed Group Bunk Room has been designed to serve as a compartment which is used to house a squad sized grouping of personnel1) and is intended to be fielded by the LSDF and affiliates.


The Group Bunk Room is intended to house fifteen to twenty personnel in a living environment which is not entirely lavish, yet is comfortable enough to provide a degree of rest to the personnel which are assigned to these type of quarters. The size of the room tends to vary depending on the ship or structure which the bunk room has been built into. Often these quarters are used to house combat squads, flight teams, or crew assigned to the same duty compartment. These compartments include the following items;

  • Two to three level bulkhead mounted bunks with retractable privacy screens
  • Bulkhead integrated retractable desk/table platforms designed to extend over a bunk
  • Bulkhead integrated communication panel
  • Bulkhead integrated personal lamp
  • Bulkhead integrated small storage compartment
  • Floor locking clamps for personal footlockers
  • Bulkhead mounted equipment lockers
  • Centrally located table with integrated display system
  • Large couch
  • Central bench
15 - 20 persons

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