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LSDF Reserve Crew Bunks

The LSDF designed Reserve Crew area is intended to house large groupings of personnel, mostly personnel which have been removed from cryonic storage. These bunks are intended to be used by the LSDF and affiliated organizations.


The reserve bunk room has been designed to serve as the primary means of housing crew which are removed from cryonic storage. These compartments may vary in size depending on the ship which they are applied to, however, all versions of these compartments use in-bulkhead bunks. Variations of the design have been made to house small groups such as the reserve crew found aboard a Zahl-Class, or very large groups, such as what would be found aboard a carrier.

  • 'Tube' style three-level bunks. These bunks are built into the bulkhead, and are designed so personnel must slide into, each bunk includes a Pico-Jelly filled mattress which allows for personal adjustment of mattress firmness.
  • Bunk tube integrated interface panel which includes; personal lamp, communication panel, cybernetic component interface and charger, water dispensing tube, and mattress firmness selector.
  • Bunk tube integrated self-cleaning waste extraction tube with storage compartment.
  • Bunk tube integrated retractable table/desk surface.
  • Bunk integrated psionic-emulation transmitter configured for inducing sleep inducing or waking brainwaves for bunk occupants.
  • Bulkhead integrated storage compartment beside each bunk.
  • Retractable ladder steps for easy top-bunk access.
  • Central bench rows.
  • Central tables with integrated display devices.
  • Lockers located adjacent to bunk tube stacks.

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