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LSDF Small-Size Living Quarters

The LSDF designed small-size living quarters have been designed to serve as the living quarters for a single individual for long term durations while delivering the minimum of amenities to conserve space.


The small-size living quarters have been designed to serve as a living space for non-essential personnel. These quarters are designed to provide the bare-minimum for privacy, living space, and sleeping space. In select cases, an additional bed can be added to these quarters to provide living space for two individuals, however, due to the small space this option is often not exercised unless absolutely required for space conservation or at an occupant's request.

  • 2.25 Meter Width x 3.50 Meter Length x 2.25 Meter Height Durandium Alloy-Cast Structure.
  • Wall mounted fold-away bed.
  • Wall mounted desk with storage compartments and limited access communication and computing unit.
  • Sink and mirror.
  • Storage cabinet
  • Two chairs
  • Option of carpet, tile, or plain metal flooring

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