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LSDF General Purpose Science Labs

Designed by the Lorath Self Defense Force, the general purpose science lab has been designed to serve as the primary workspace within a starship or installation for conducting research, and processing research data.



Intended to be installed on starships and installations, the general purpose science lab has been designed to house multiple work-spaces, experiments, and compartments within the area designated as the lab. General purpose labs tend to be broken up into smaller compartments when a large enough lab area has been designated aboard a starship, or, a single multi-purpose workspace can be assigned when space for sciences is deemed low priority in a ship or installation design.

Equipment, Supplies, and Utilities

All general purpose labs require the following equipment;

Alternatively, in the event of the need to conserve space, a LSDF Medical Lab Compartment can be installed in an alternate configuration to permit the space to be used to study samples and conduct experiments outside of the scope of medical science.

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