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LSDF Secured Brig

With safety in mind, the LSDF secured brig has been designed to safely and securely house common-place sentient threats for transportation, or for short term punishment through incarceration.

General Information, Design, & Equipment

General Information

Designed with the simple task of keeping individuals segregated from the general population of a starship or station, a secured brig is essentially a jail cell which has been designed to keep individuals safely contained while allowing for security personnel to maintain observation of the prisoner.


Designed to keep common-place individuals imprisoned, the standard secured brig consists of three Nerimium laminated bulkheads with a Durandium Alloy and boron-carbide primary structure. A fourth wall is comprised of a three-layer system which consists of a transparent durandium plane of glass which is able to retract to provide access to the cell, a nerimium shutter system, and a forcefield system. Cells are often placed adjacent to security offices or checkpoints, and are arranged around a central warden station which can be manned by live personnel, or by an automated system. Cells are placed so sensors and personnel can maintain full observation of all areas of all cells at any given time. Cell access is regulated by biometric scanners, pass code, and a Pico-Jelly key system.


Secured brigs include the following standard equipment;

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