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LSDF Security Station

Security stations have been designed by the LSDF to serve as a common-place assignment for security personnel, and a location in which starships and installations can use as checkpoints, and as places for crew members and other personnel to seek assistance from trained security operations personnel.

General Information, Design, & Equipment


Designed for the purpose of providing a location in which security personnel can use as a place to store resources, file reports, and use as a checkpoint, LSDF security stations are rather common place in large starships, stations, or installations in which a central security office would be unable to deliver proper security coverage without additional support.


Designed for efficiency, safety, and to provide a tactical advantage in a firefight, security stations are often built into bulkheads as a sort of nook, or are designed as conventional checkpoints, with scanner devices, solid desks for cover, and other security related furnishings. Though, most commonly, security stations are little more than booths with shutters, sensors, a chair, and communications relay capabilities.


As standard equipment, security checkpoints include the following;

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