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LSDF Standard Tactical Bridge

The LSDF Standard Tactical Bridge is an alternative command bridge which is intended to be used as a tactical coordination center. The Standard Tactical Bridge is intended to be fielded by the LSDF and associates.


The LSDF designed Standard Tactical Bridge is a compartment designed to be utilized as an additional point of command aboard starships. This version of the bridge design is intended to be utilized as a dedicated tactical coordination center aboard starships. Due to the dedicated role of the tactical bridge, a number of functions have been reduced in favor of optimizing usage in combat situations.


Command Station

Located in a central position, the command station consists of a single command chair which is manned by the officer assigned to command the tactical bridge. The command chair includes a Neural Interface System with multi-configuration volumetric and Pico-Jelly hybrid interface.

Primary Monitor

The primary monitor in the tactical bridge application has been designed to include an OLED treated Pico-Jelly monitor surface, which allows the monitor to separate, indicate depth, or even add additional surfaces, an additional volumetric projector has been installed as well.


The workstations in the tactical bridge application are half integrated into the bulkheads of the bridge, and also have console-like portions as well which protrude from the bulkhead. Each workstation includes a chair with neural interface. Each workstation also includes a Pico-Jelly and volumetric hybrid display/interface, flat reconfigurable interface panel, and standard keypad interface. All consoles also include a biometric identity confirmation system.

Station Listing


  • Weapon Control & Helm


  • Fleet Communication and Control
  • Internal Security & Coordination


  • ARIA Interface Tank Hatch


  • Sensor Station
  • Engineering


  • Command Chair & Console

Weapon & Supply Locker

Located to the rear of the tactical bridge is a weapon locker which is located beside the tactical bridge door. The weapon and supply locker has both locked and unlocked compartments, locked compartments can be accessed through the use of a biometric identity confirmation system.


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