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Antimatter Munitions Launcher

The Antimatter Munitions Launcher is a Lorath weapons system.


When the Lorath first encountered the YSS Sakura, a significant threat of assault was apparent, thus development of a new weapons system became a priority. When it was found that much of the Lorath weapon technology was inferior to the armor technology of the “Grand Star Army of Yamatai”, a munitions was selected that would be able to negate the armor in the most efficient manner, and at the same time be easy to produce. Antimatter based explosives were then selected as the means.

Development of this weapon was carried out during the time frame before the second bout of negotiations with the Yamatai Star Empire.

Visual Description

The appearance of the weapon is similar to that of a modern day “rocket launcher” for the most part. A targeting device is attached to the side of the launcher, the appearance of the device is much like that of a “scope” but it is slightly more bulky. There is a shoulder rest on the rear end of the weapon, a front grip towards the forward area of the weapon, and a small interface panel located on the topside of the weapon, near the targeting display.


Rocket Propelled Antimatter Missile System

Designer: Lorath Matriarchy High Priest, Velor Tomoe Tur’Lista

Manufacturer: Lorath Psionics House, Lorath Warrior House.

(Suggested) Price: 5000 KS.

Individual Component Costs:

  • Firing Tube: 1500 KS
  • Anti-Matter Rocket: 500 KS
  • Other Rockets: 50 KS
  • Targeting Assembly: 1500 KS

Nomenclature Information

Name: RPAMS – Rocket Propelled Antimatter Missile System.

Nick-named “Cherubim” (Hebrew for Angelic Sprits)

Type: RPG

Role: Anti-Armor

Length: 127 CM / 50 inches.

Mass: 9.07 Kg / 20 Lbs.

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Antimatter missile.

  • Firing Mechanism: press safety trigger, press activation trigger. Liquid fuel charge ignites through the use of an electric ignition coil. Gasses from ignition propels rocket from tube, manually reload next round from rear of tube.
  • Caliber: 85mm.
  • Minimum Range: 10 Meters.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 300 Meters per Second / 984 Feet per Second.
  • Muzzle Blast: A trail of light smoke is left behind the rocket. A five foot long gas blast is emitted from behind the tube.
  • Firing Mode: Psionic guidance, laser guidance, radio guidance, rocket targeting program routine.
  • Recoil: A moderate amount of recoil is generated by the weapon.

Ammo Description

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Safety trigger.

Fire mode selector: manual interface dial, neural interface port.

Weapon Sight: laser guidance, psionic guidance.

Attachment Hard points: three attachment rail hard points allowing for attachment of additional custom targeting aids, such as flashlights, laser sights, range finder.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: Replace rockets as needed. Re-supply bacterial battery packs with organic material if power shortages occur.

Replaceable Parts and components: Bacterial battery pack can be replaced by unscrewing the unit from the side of the tube. Targeting aid can be attached and detached by tightening or loosening several screws. Additional components can be attached through the use of three attachment rails.

OOC Notes

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