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Devil's Fury Gatling Weapon


Designer: Lorath Matriarchy Occhestian Caste Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy (Suggested) Price: 10,000 KS.

Individual Component Costs: Barrel Assembly: 1,000 KS Drive Assembly: 2,000 KS Fuel Assembly: 1,000 KS Ammo Belt: 1,000 KS Ammunition Box/Backpack: 1,000 KS Targeting Computer Module and Software: 1,000 KS Ammunition Conversion Kit: 1,000 KS

Nomenclature Information

Name: Multi-Role Ranged Gatling System - Large (MRRGSL) – Devil’s Fury. Type: Multi-Munitions type weapon dependant upon conversion. Powder charge standard. Model: Enlarged variation of the “Devil’s Fountain”. Role: Mech mounted sustained fire artillery piece. Length: 15 meters Mass: Gatling unit – 700lbs, Ammunition Pack – 600lbs unloaded, 9000lbs loaded.

Discharge Information

(All data following is based upon the standard model without conversions) Projection/ammo type: Solid ammunition (standard). Ammunition types can be various, including AP, high velocity, solid slug, hollow point, fragmentation, incendiary/tracer, and explosive. Firing Mechanism (standard): bullets are fed into the chamber by means of a link less belt, When the round enters the chamber it is then ignited by a focused electrical spark, after the round is spent it is then forced out of the chamber by a rotating cylinder that then causes the round to be tossed horizontaly from the weapon. Caliber: 30 mm. Effective Range 1650meters. Maximum Range: 1 mile. Minimum Range: None. Muzzle Velocity: 3,500 Feet per second / 1067 Meters per second. Muzzle Blast: a trail of smoke and flame is pushed one meter ahead of the barrel, the sound of a sustained snort is made by the firing. Firing Mode(s): Burst Fire / Full Auto selectable. Recoil: Not intended for humans. Recoil would cause a wheeled vehicle to roll backwards with ease. Rate of Fire: 3000 Rounds per minute.

Ammo Description

Ammunition 30mm Chemical Propelled Ammunition Visual Description: light weight alloy cased bullets stored in a large matte black metal back pack that is 8 meters tall, 2 meters wide, 1 meter thick. Ammo: 7000 rounds.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Yes, on/off switch. Fire mode selector: Yes, Burst and Full Auto Weapon Sight: Yes, Computer assisted visual aid device that corresponds with an infrared laser located in the center axis of the barrels. Attachment Hard points: None on standard Gatling model pre-conversion. Conversion points covered by access panels. Ammunition backpack has four hard points to allow it to be attached to the back of the “Bringer Of Thunder” mech system. Conversion kit compatibility: The Devil’s Fury is designed to be completely customizable; all parts are easily removable with minimal crew effort.

Maintenance Information and Errata

Field Maintenance Procedure: Field maintenance is reliant upon keeping the weapon well lubricated to maintain its rounds per minute potential. Connection to the power generator upon the “Bringer Of Thunder” should be checked before deployment

Replaceable Parts and components: all parts are interchangeable by a simple removal of corresponding screws, bolts, and pins.

Visual Description: Standard appearance of a Gatling gun. Except for only three barrels and reduced size in the motor section. A backpack that is 8 meters tall, 2 meters wide, 1 meter thick. The ammunition backpack is connected to the gatling unit by a link less belt.

History: The “Devil’s Fury” was created after the successful testing of the “Devil’s Fountain”. The “Devil’s Fury” has been created to be used by only the “Bringer Of Thunder” at this time.

OOC Notes

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