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Hand Cannon

Lorath β€œHand Cannon” Revolver

Producer Information

  • Designer: Lorath Warrior House R&D
  • Manufacturer: Lorath Warrior House
  • (Suggested) Price: 200 KS

Individual Component Costs

  • Grips: 20 KS
  • Barrel: 30 KS
  • Chamber: 30 KS
  • Trigger: 10 KS
  • Hammer: 10KS
  • Internal Components: 20 KS

Nomenclature Information

  • Name: Ryht Lyhhuh (Hand Cannon)
  • Type: Chemical Or Powder (dependent on the barrel)
  • Role: Close Range anti-personal
  • Length: 0.4572 meters
  • Mass: 5lbs

Discharge Information

  • Projection/ammo type: Solid Projectile
  • Firing Mechanism: When the weapon is cocked the chambers rotate and place a bullet in front of a firing pin. The firing pin on a hammer then moves forward upon release of the trigger to detonate the charge in the round’s casing. As the pressure from the explosion forces the round out the front of the weapon. Some of the gas is diverted from the barrel backwards to re-cock the weapon and chamber another round. The weapon can also be manually cocked by simply pulling back the hammer.
  • Caliber: .50 caliber (Available in other calibers if requested)
  • Effective Range 45 yards for standard charge, 100 yards for chemical, (at a .50 caliber)
  • Maximum Range: 100 yards for Standard charge, 250 for chemical. (At a .50 caliber)
  • Minimum Range: 0.
  • Muzzle Velocity: Standard: 900 ft/s, Chemical: 1,200 ft/s.
  • Muzzle Blast: The muzzle gives off a 3 inch muzzle flare, and sounds like a cannon has just been shot.
  • Firing Mode(s): Single shot fire.


Standard: requires two hands to safely fire, otherwise has a good chance of server injury to breaking the wrist. Chemical: will break an unskilled shooters wrist and put them on their ass.


Capacity: 5 Rounds Ammunition 12.7mm / .50 Caliber

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Safety: Yes, a small lever by the trigger which slides a small plate in front of the hammer to prevent misfires.
  • Fire mode selector: No selection.
  • Weapon Sight: Yes, a single small ironsight at the top of the barrel.
  • Attachment Hard points: One rail located at the top of the barrel, for a scope.

Maintenance Information:

Field Maintenance Procedure: Simply take the gun apart, and wipe it down before greasing it up.

Replaceable Parts and components: Almost all parts are interchangeable, by simply taking the gun apart. Replaceable are the Handle, Chambers, Barrel, Trigger, and Sights.

Visual Description:

YE 32 Model, upgraded frame

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