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Lorath Assault and Recombination Nanoscopic Probes

Designer: The Lorath Matriarchy High Priest.

Information: A nanoscopic sized weapon intended as a retaliation or first strike weapon to be used against nearly any organic and some inorganic targets.

Technical Information: Through the use of molecular construction the nanoscopic probes were created, each nanoscopic probe is created in an appearance much like that of a tailed phage type of virus but is several times larger than a typical virus. This structure allows for the nanoscopic probe to attach to a macromolecule or cell and begin interacting with the intended target on a nanoscopic level. The control of these nanomachines is carried out by the use of a small cluster of nerve cells that receive their commands through the use of the Neural Interface System technology. The nerve cells are intended to only respond to the frequency of the brainwaves that members of the Lorath race emits. Target designation is accomplished by the instructions given by a psionic Lorath overseer with the aid of a Neural Interface System device, the instructions are then processed repeatedly in a loop inside of the nerve cells, the nerves are engineered to have an attack response to targets that they are instructed to assault, any other types of cells or macromolecules are ignored unless they act in a hostile manner. If a nanomachine is resisted, interfered with or destroyed, the psionic overseer will then modify the instructions to the nanoscopic probes. These procedures are done as a safety precaution for any Lorath in the area. Attachment to the targeted macromolecule or cell is carried out by the β€œtail fibers” of the nanomachines, once attached to the cell a series of pins extends from the shaft of the nanomachines and enter the cell or macromolecule and begin to either shift around components or utterly destroy them on a physical level. If physical interaction fails to affect the target, the nanomachine is then able to self destruct with a microscopic burst of kinetic energy that would cause what would normally be an invisible spark; on a cellular or molecular level the spark would be considered a rather destructive explosion. The nanomachines are able to move about with the use of a molecular propeller, this propeller is able to lift the nanomachine across air currents, or allow the nanomachine to flow through fluids. Energy for the nanomachine is supplied by a single piezoelectric electric molecule that is compressed by the motion of a pair of molecules that have been designed to move much in the manner of a piston.

OOC Notes

Written by DocTomoe. Approved by Wes on October 12, 20051).

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