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“M'Cel” 40/30mm Grenade Launcher

Designer: Lorath Self Defense Force Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy (Suggested) Price: 750KS. Individual Component Costs: Chamber tube: 250 KS Frame: 250 KS Conversion Insert: 150 KS Grip and Sight Mount: 100 KS

Nomenclature Information

Name: “M'Cel” 40-30mm Grenade Launcher Type: Grenade Launcher Model: LM-SA-GL-01-30 Role: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armor, Anti-Shuttle Length: 12 inch, 16 inch with grip. Mass: 3lbs, 4lbs with grip.

Discharge Information

Ammo type: 40mm or 30mm chemically propelled ammunition.

Firing Mechanism: Ammunition is loaded through an underside breach by sliding open the chambering tube. The tube is then slid back into place, thus cocking the weapon. When the trigger is pulled, the ignition hammer comes down upon the shell or propellant, while producing a high intensity piezoelectric spark which comes into contact with the shell or case-less propellant. The spark and impact ignites the chemical propellant, releasing heated gas which propels the projectile from the launcher.

Caliber: 30mm or 40mm.

:!: Ranges listed are applicable in 1g of gravity

Effective Range 250m Maximum Range: 500m Minimum Range: .1m (Not advisable for explosive munitions)

Muzzle Velocity: 90 m/s

Rate of Fire: 45 rounds per minute on average.

Muzzle Blast: A momentary flare of yellow-white light approximately three inches around.

Firing Modes: Single Shot.

Recoil: When attached to a rifle, the recoil is easily manageable. When attached to the optional pistol grip, the recoil is comparable to a large caliber pistol.

Damage Rating: Varies depending on ammunition. Basic explosive rounds however produce DR 3 rating damage.

Ammo Description

The “M'Cel” is designed to accept 40mm Lorath munitions, and with an optional insert, the “M'Cel” is able to receive 30mm Star Army of Yamatai and Lorath munitions.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: None

Fire mode selector: None

Weapon Sight: When fixed onto the optional grip, a collapsible ladder sight is included. When fixed onto a rifle, an alternative sight would be needed.

Attachment Hard points: The “M'Cel” has a rail-compatible hard point on it's upper section. An additional set of hard points are placed on the rear of the “M'Cel” to allow for the attachment of a pistol-grip.

Conversion Insert: Included with each “M'Cel” is an insert which can be placed into the interior of the weapon to allow the 40mm chamber to be down-sized to a Star Army of Yamatai munition compatible 30mm.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: Common maintenance for the “M'Cel” is to apply a light amount of oil and clean after usage.

Replaceable Parts and components: The chamber, optional pistol grip, and trigger assembly can each be replaced by sliding each component from their receiving points.

Additional Information

The “M'Cel” has been designed to be utilized with Lorath rifle systems, and to be easily modified to be compatible with third party weapon systems.

Visual Description


Due to the Lorath's frequent encounters with potential hostile situations versus SMX and rogue Yamataian armors, the Lorath have decided to develop a grenade launcher system to allow for infantry level troops to have an edge against infantry, and to be able to engage enemy armors if the need to do so were to arise.

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