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Magnetically Contained Charged Plasma Saber


The Magnetically contained charged plasma saber was an idea that was carried by the Lorath Fyunnen caste for some time. unfortunately, the technicalities of such a weapon proved to be unable to be overcome. The resulting weapon was either found to be unable to deliver the proper damage to a target, or if improperly executed, would result in the user being harmed far more than the target. Due to these obsticles, it has been decided that the weapon would only be fielded to armored personnel, and used with responsibility.

Keeping with the incorporation of the magnetic confinement mechanism, the weapon is able to be carried inside of sensitive areas of starships and buildings while on and not pose a threat of collateral damage. When the weapon is to be used, the magnetic containment field would be deactivated, resulting in the weapon's heat and energy being released and able to interact with the target.

Producer Information

Designer: New-Tur’Lista, Lorath Fyunnen House. Manufacturer: LSDF, Fyunnen Artisans (Suggested) Price: 10,000 KS. Individual Component Costs: Not for sale.

Nomenclature Information

Name: MCCPS-MK1 – Also referred to as Plasma Beam Saber Type: Melee sword based energy weapon. Usage: To be fielded by armored units. Role: Personal protection, anti-personnel, anti-vehicle. Length: 28cm /1ft. Weight: 4.5kg

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: short range sub-space tuned plasma energy blade.

Firing Mechanism: Plasma energy is channeled from a plasma storage cell or plasma generator device. The plasma is then passed through a magnetic acceleration and confinement chamber which is also within the field effect of two small subspace field emitters. Once the plasma passes out through the hilt of the weapon, the plasma is rapidly slowed and contained within a projected magnetic field which focuses the plasma into a blade-like shape. The strength of this magnetic field is strong enough to contain the heat energy released by the plasma. The heating and disruptive effects of the plasma remain confined within the interior of the magnetic field. When the field is deactivated, only the initial magnetic acceleration and confinement remains in effect upon the blade, resulting in the accelerated plasma being released in a torch like projection.

Beam Diameter: 1 inch, expanding to 2.5 inches. Beam Length: 2.5 meters maximum. Effective Range Melee range. Maximum Range: As Far as the weapon can be thrown. Minimum Range: Arm’s length to range that the weapon can be thrown. Muzzle Blast: A light of various colors depending upon additive contents of the plasma mixture. Firing Mode(s): .5 Meter, 1 Meter, 1.5 Meter, 2 Meter. Off. Recoil: Dependant upon how hard the blade is swung and the magnetic interferences and fields the weapon may come into contact with. Damage Rating:

  • Individual Unit: Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel
  • Small-Medium Armor Mounted Unit1): Tier 5
  • Large Armor Mounted Unit2): Tier 8

Damage Description: Plasma induced molecular disruption, limited electric discharges, magnetic damages to electronics.

Additional Capability: Due to the high output of the magnetic field of the weapon, the magnetic confinement field is able to deflect or refract energy weapon discharges.

Ammo Description

Plasma Generator Unit

Visual Description: A canister which is approximately six inches by three inches with gas collection ports throughout it's surface. A power connection plug is on one end of the unit, and a port which connects to the cannon or vent strip is also attached to the unit. Charge: The plasma generator unit is able to maintain a sustained discharge of plasma energy to the plasma beam saber for the duration of one hour on it's maximum output. After continued usage for one hour, the generator requires at least fifteen minutes to cool down and recharge.

Caution: If the Plasma Generator Unit sustains a breach while a full charge is contained in the unit, the charge inside would be released in an explosive decompression. This may result in burns, vaporizing, or even death.

Plasma Cartridge

Visual Description: Small canister shape. Charge: 30 min Damage Description: Plasma induced molecular disruption, limited electric discharges, magnetic damages to electronics. When removed from the weapon, it can be used as a grenade, causing a plasma explosion that would envelop an area of a ten yard radius.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: The weapon incorporates a sensor device which detects if or when the trajectory of the weapon indicates a collision with the user. In the event of this, the weapon automatically deactivates until the weapon’s swing trajectory is altered, or the user is out of harms reach of the weapon’s projection.

Fire mode selector: small twistable switches located on the hilt, pommel, or guard dependant upon personal preference.

Weapon Sight: None

Attachment Hard points: Guard, pommel, and belt clip

Gyro-stabilizer: Due to the danger of a weightless blade of this design, a gyro-stabilizer has been incorporated in the design of the weapon which would provide a counterbalance when the weapon is swung.

Self Destruct: The blade can be set to destroy itself upon the death of it’s user by the use of a simple set of computer chips that monitor the heart and brainwaves. Also if required the blade can self destruct in an explosive manner if required, this can be achieved by attaching an additional charge pack to the pommel of the blade. The following explosion would occur in one minute, and the explosion size would be dependent upon the remaining plasma charge in the weapon.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: cloth polishing, Changing of the plasma cartridge, or recharge.

Replaceable Parts and components: All parts are replaceable, interchangeable, and repairable by a certified Warrior Artisan or by a properly trained Fyunnen or New-Tur’lista.

Visual Description

The appearance of the weapon is like that of an over glorified flashlight, the length of the handle of the weapon varies upon the warrior’s preference, along with the ascetic design of the weapon. Various dials and switches are located near the guard and pommel of the weapon.


Through the technological innovation of the Plasma Arc Disruptor, the Lorath were able to devise a method of confining and focusing the discharge from the weapon into a blade-like form. With this innovation, the Lorath Fyunnen caste adopted the design due to their preference and forte for melee combat.

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