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Repeating Launcher System


The Repeating Launcher System is a Lorath innovation designed to increase the volume of fire which can be delivered from a railgun, missile, or torpedo system. The Repeating Launcher System has been designed to be able to be incorporated into starship designs, and as a separate stand-alone unit applicable to large scale standing mechanical units, or on ground vehicles.

Producer Information

Designer: Lorath New-Tur’Lista Manufacturer: LSDF Manufacturing Yards (Suggested) Price: Mecha and vehicle Grade: 75,000. Starship Grade: 250,000

Nomenclature Information

Name: Repeating Launcher System Type: Repeating Solid Munition Launch System Design Type: LSDF-RLS-S-M001 Role: Anti-starship, Anti-emplacement, Anti-armor

Key Components

Firing assembly, barrel assembly, magazine rotation motor, magazine, magazine EM and grav shielding, gravity regulator, magazine receiver and ejector, bacterial power cells, capacitor system.

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Missiles and solid ammunition Firing Mechanism: The Repeating Launcher System fires by pulling the trigger and activating an electric charge stored in the unit's capacitor system. The electrical charge is utilized to provide power to the magnetic rails inside of the barrel assembly and chamber. The magnetic rails then propel the ammunition out from the magazine and down the barrel and out from the weapon. . Magnetic Launcher Maximum Range: 1 kilometer in atmosphere at 1G, 200,000 Kilometers (accurately) in vacuum. Missile Information: Lorath Missiles and Torpedoes . Solid Ammunition Information: Lorath Solid Munitions, 90 to 200mm.

Magazine Information

The repeating launcher system's magazine is in fact a revolver-like system which utilizes a revolving chamber which rotates within a protective housing. This revolver-like system allows for rounds to be held in a stable manner, while at the same time optimizing the reloading and reuse of the magazine. All magazines include a mechanical numeric display which indicates the amount of ammunition remaining within the magazine.


It is often a recommended practice to leave one chamber of the magazine empty, and to leave the empty chamber in the proper position to have it as the chamber which will be available when the magazine is loaded into the launch system. This practice has been established as a safety measure to prevent accidental discharges. Originally, the practice was established in the handling of Hand Cannon revolvers.

Mecha Grade Unit


The Mecha Grade Repeating Launcher System has been designed to function and look similar to a grenade launcher system.

Design Information


The appearance of the unit consists of a six meter long barrel, ten meter long stock assembly, and a L-Size missile compatible magazine.

Ammunition Information

The magazine of the launcher system is capable of holding and storing up to nine 'L' sized missiles, or similarly sized solid slugs (90mm – 200mm payload capabilities).

Fighter, Shuttle, and Starship Grade Units


The launcher system which is to be applied to fighters, shuttles, and starships is a far more 'bare bone' system which can be configured depending on the dimensions of the ship it is to be installed upon. The primary function of the unit when applied to ships is to aid in rapid reloading.

Ammunition Supply

In starship applications, the ammunition supply is directly reliant on the capacity of the ship in question . However, in smaller ship applications such as shuttles and fighters, the weapon system is reliant on an included magazine, and may utilize different warhead sizes.

Starship Details

In starship applications, the unit is capable of having ammunition directly loaded into the magazine system. Thus ammunition details are directly reliant on the starship which the system has been applied to.

Additionally, the system can be chambered for L and XL sized missile ordinance in starship applications.

Shuttle and Fighter Details

Due to the constraints of shuttles and fighters, the ammunition supply for these units is limited to 12 S sized missiles, or 6 M sized missiles to be stored in each magazine.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Computer Control, Control Switch

Fire mode selector: Computer Control

Weapon Sight: Computer controlled sensor package. (Starship grade)

Gravitational Control Device: Built into the weapon are gravitational control devices designed to aid in reducing unit weight and protecting from scalar weapon damage.

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