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Crab-Type Mishhuvurthyar

Crab-Type Neo-Mishhuvurthyar?525

Standing 4-8 meters tall, the Crab-Type Mishhuvurthyar (AKA β€œBrute”) is the new Shock Troop of the NMX, designed for security detail on NMX vessels and to support NMX Powered Armor alongside Parasite-infected troops in boarding and planetary assault conditions. The Crab-Type NMX is characterized by its large forward armored skull-plate, which has a latticed layer of protection separating it from the main skull to help deflect or reduce the damage from most types of attacks. Additionally, the lattice protects the Crab-Type from psionic or psi-based assaults. Similarly, the back shell of the Crab-Type is designed in much the same way, with a split down the center that can be opened up to expose the Mishhuvurthyar Tentacles protected within. With four rear legs for locomotion and two forward manipulator legs that double in helping with movement or can be used to hold a weapon, such as an aether rifle, the Crab-Type NMX also has two large forward claws that are protected by similar, smaller shells and possess large horn-like blades used for shredding or crushing.

If the core of the Crab-Type is not properly disposed of, upon death of the NMX, a hardened cocoon will form over its second, underdeveloped brain, which activates after death of the main brain of the Crab-Type, and uses the dead tissue around it to grow and hatch into a Advanced Mishhuvurthyar.

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