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:!: The following article is a one of a kind space station.

Communion Base

Communion Base is a rest and relaxation stop used by Schlock Grunder and his subordinates. It was designed through several of his pets working together, and represents a dangerous melding of multiple tech sources. It is used as a stronghold/fortress and also as a rest/relaxation stop. It's less efficient then a more stripped down and militaristic fortress would be.

About the Ship

This ship was designed because Schlock Grunder is a little bit crazy, and had recently captured enough resources to make it practical. It's there to make him feel strong, and boost his ego. It's basically Grunder's penis substitute. It cannot move by its self, but Grunder has it towed when he wants to move it somewhere. Use of the ship is free to those Grunder invites aboard for diplomatic reasons. Anyone else who wants to use the ship must provide suitable payment for the various entertainments they partake of.

Grunder's subordinates get 'additional extra payment' and 'bonuses' in points they can spend at this station. Also many of the lower cost events are simply free to those who work for Grunder.

Key Features

This station possess a large section in the center that is basically a very large garden/park. Aside from that it possess several luxury facilities

Mission Specialization

  • Specialization 1: Luxury and entertainment
  • Specialization 2: Resource production
  • Specialization 3: Research and engineering work
  • Specialization 4: Heavily armed and armored base to solidify control.


The Communion Base is a pleasure base. It takes the form of a large disk, with spires emerging from the disk. In the center of the disk is a very large park-in-a-bubble. The whole place has a sort of art-deco feel to it. A park sits in the middle of the bubble. The base is painted with bright bubblegum pink paint, which glimmers and shines over pink diamond armor.

History and Background

Riding high on his recent conquests, Schlock Grunder put a collection of his pets to work designing the ultimate starbase. One that's not designed for defense, or military usage, but rather for research and development as well as recreation.

While it took a long time, and many resources, Grunder recently finished the base, and now uses it as a center of operations for his policing of the sector.

Statistics and Performance


Class: P Type: Starbase Designers: Grunder's Pets Manufacturer: NMX mobile construction fleet Production: 1 Fielded by: Grunder's command, NMX


Crew: 50,000 operators are recommended, 5,000 are required. Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 300,000 people. About 800,000 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


Most of the crew are pets. This slave labor is part of what makes the station profitable. The pets are selected by the same criteria that Grunder uses to select his personal pets: They're generally stable and happy, they enjoy keeping busy and performing the tasks they're good at. They like praise, and they appreciate some form of passive entertainment (Reading, listening to music, watching plays, etc). Basically, he selects slaves who will love their jobs.


Length: 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) Width: 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) Height: 5 kilometers (3.2 miles) Bubble height 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) Bubble diameter 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) Decks: 1000 (5 meters each)

Propulsion and Range

No Engined: 0 m/s Range: Requires regular resupply by Freighter every 8 months Lifespan: Designed to last Refit Cycle: It is a shipyard

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 90
  • Shields: 90 (Threshold 5)

Inside the Ship

Deck Layout

Grunder's house is in the exact center. This is because Grunder is arrogant.

Civilian layers take up the topmost decks. The gaudier attractions are along the outer rim. The fancier attractions near the bubble in the middle.

Research layer is directly under the civilian layer. it's split into different sections each with their own research specialty, each taking up a wedge.

Military layer is under researcher layer. It's where the soldiers mostly stay.

Hydroponics layer takes up a couple of decks under the military layer.

Maintenance layer takes up the last few decks, as does cargo space. Another military layer is down here too to allow the military to launch fighters out of the bottom.

Compartment Layouts

There are four major levels of the station. The residential zone levels (Which includes the commercial locations) the research levels, the maintenance/manufacturing levels, the military levels, and the hydroponic levels.

Residential zone passageways

The corridors on the ship are quite wide, wide enough that tanks can be rolled through them. The wide corridors form regular rings, and narrower corridors branch off the rings to reach subsections, and rooms that are off the main promenade. Rooms on the main promenade often have stained glass, or otherwise fancy windows. They may be 'shops' run by Grunder's pets, or they may be luxurious suites for guests to stay in.

These wide corridors only have a few wide corridors that cut across the disk, about one per quadrant. The cut-across passageways are staggered so that they don't provide a direct route to the center, and they're effective choke points with solid blast doors, and hidden automated turrets, some of which have anti-tank capacities.

Along the corridors, both wide and narrow, are also statues, fountains, and works of art. There are also many potted plants of alien appearance. These potted plants are actually anti-intruder devices. The potted plants can become mobile, and possess razor sharp spikes, petals, and leafs. They also often have a small turret weapon hidden somewhere near them in the wall. Cameras, corridor blocking force fields, and other anti-intruder devices are also hidden in much of the artwork.

The corridors towards the edges of the disk are garish, and brightly colored with the decor consisting of primary colors and large shapes, but as one travels closer to the center the art style changes. Each ring has its own unique style, and the last ring is an opulent display of subtle wealth, with marble sheathed floors and quiet, subtle decor. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling.

The decks here are somewhat taller then the average spec, and sometimes people with magnetic boots can be seen walking across the ceilings, and the passageways into and out of the Maintenance zone are carefully hidden behind sliding walls, inside small closets that contain cleaning supplies, and other such disguise tricks.

Trams continually follow suspended tracks in the center of each main corridor, carrying weary passengers from place to place so that they don't have to walk the entire distance. There's enough clearance that no-one's been killed by accidentally being hit by a tram, though there are some occasional injuries.

For faster transit there's a series of tubes across the top of the station with small high velocity trams that carry guests quite rapidly from place to place, as the tubes are oxygen evacuated. These trams are not as rapid as the military trams below.

Maintenance/military zone passageways

These passageways are much less wide, and they possess many more hidden turrets, as well as special segments of wall that can produce bulkheads for soldiers to crouch behind and use as cover. They're still very decorated, but there's a more utilitarian feel to them, and the complex color weave patterns on the top of the walls serve as a map to those who are used to the station, telling them exactly where they are. The passageways are maze-like, and rarely do they leave their quadrant, except through small, easy to block, passageways. The decks are much shorter here then the average.

Those traversing the Maintenance zone would quickly realize that the station is a difficult to maintain mesh of several sets of distinct technology.

The Bubble

The bubble is a giant carefully tended park. It's designed to give the appearance of being wild and untended, with natural looking streams, brooks, hills, and other features. The dome of the bubble is made of diamond, and there's a folding canopy around it that can cover the dome in several meters of very solid Armour in case of attack. Artificial lights strung on the inside of the armor will continue to illuminate the plant life.

Gravity in the bubble is reduced, and air-pressure increased, allowing the plants to grow taller, and allowing hominoid species to strap on a pair of 'wings' and fly. There's a lot of nitrogen in the air here, as well as more oxygen and CO(2), but other gases are largely filtered out of the air in this section.

There's also a large lake for those who enjoy swimming, and many different species of fish live in the lake. Wind machines make sure that it's possible to sail/surf on the lake. There's even small set of limestone cliffs and caverns for those who enjoy spelunking or climbing.

The Farm

There's a small idyllic farm located in the Bubble, with cows and sheep, and some gardens of fruit and vegetables. It pretends to provide most of the food of the station, but it's honestly too small. It exists only for show, and milking the cows and sheering the sheep is a very popular activity among pets. There are no meat animals on the farm, and even the chickens are treated more like pets then food animals. There are also riding animals and a small race track\equestrian area.

The farm also serves as a sort of petting zoo, and most of the animals in it are cuddly and willing to put up with physical contact.

The Azure

The Azure is a marina located on the lake that holds small pleasure craft in various styles. It's most noticeable feature, though, is the large aquarium located under it. This aquarium contains many rare water creatures, especially ones that wouldn't get along with the ones in the lake. Beautiful creatures were the primary ones selected, but they were set up in small partly-functional ecosystems for ease of upkeep.

Grunder's Palace

There's a small palace located in the middle of the dome, hidden in the Forrest. It's made out of valuable materials with subtle decorations. Engravings and inlays are quite common, and many of the light scones are made of thinly carved bone, illuminating the area in a soft and gentle light. Oil paintings, and silken tapestries hang from the walls, and a small staff of women work here, keeping it clean and in tip top condition.

Fine arts district

The fine arts district is located in one of the more central rings. It possess a museum, a theater, and a fine dining restaurant.

The museum is takes up a couple decks and many rooms. it includes several works of art made by Grunder's pets, as well as many spoils of conquest from the many wars the Mishu have been involved in. This includes a small section of plating from the Sakura, that Grunder payed a hefty price to acquire.

The theater is a collection of audience rooms/stages designed for various activities. One of the stages is a dance floor, designed to encourage audience participation. One of the stages is kitted out for orchestral usage including a giant pipe organ. One of the stages is designed to be easy to modify for theatrical experiences. One of the stages is designed for competitions like jousting, gladiatorial combat, or sports. That last one has a small medical wing attached.

The restaurant is called the “Point of Grace” and has a romantic atmosphere with dim lighting, and real candles. The tablecloths are silk, and the waitstaff is polite and unobtrusive though always willing to point out the best wine to go with a meal, if requested. If the food you want isn't on the menu, you can request it. The cooks will do their best. This is done with the understanding that if it's not on the menu it will take longer to prepare.

The “Philosopher's affair” is another point of attraction here, where philosophical and intellectual debate occur in small forums, and large auditoriums. The small forums tend to be more about discussion and discovery, and guests are invited to take part in them. The debates in the auditoriums are staged and judged by the pets, and the winners often receive small prizes, to encourage actual competition.

Perpetual carnival

The perpetual carnival is located closer to the edge, due to it's garish nature. It features a house of mirrors, and several acts of acrobatics, gymnastics, and other generally impressive displays performed by some of Grunder's pets. It also has a 'freak show' where Grunder keeps some of his rarer/more special pets. The pets in the freak show don't spend all of their time there, but when they're doing 'private' activities like reading, or sleeping they're instructed to do so in the suites of clear walled rooms.

There's also carnival rides, including thrill rides and a simulated roller-coaster. The simulated roller-coaster makes use of high quality holographic, artificial gravity, induced airwaves, and other such things so that it almost seems like a real roller-coaster. It uses several simulated tracks of various levels of stimulation.

The perpetual carnival also features many carnival games, with such possible prizes as stuffed animals, and objects with bright colors and lights.

There's a roller derby area here too, as well as a skate park. The roller derby area is occasionally used for roller jousting. Near the roller derby there's a small cafeteria in the perpetual carnival that serves 'carnival food' and fast food. The waitstaff are equipped with roller skates. The wait-staff uniforms are bright pink, and rather skimpy.

Within the perpetual carnival the station is a giant ball pit/human sized hamster tubing network. Grunder will often visit it to watch his pets scurrying around the tubing and playing with the play equipment. The room possess a very well designed playground/jungle gym built into the tubing and the floor here is soft enough that a fall from a height won't do any harm. It extends across several decks, with catwalks running across the higher levels.

The giant ballpit serves as a children's cresh, and pets with child rearing experience keep an eye on the kids in the creche.

There's a subsection of the perpetual carnival called the 'spook zone' which has haunted houses/derelicts and general horror themes. The workers here tend to dress up like creatures of various races' myths. The amount of terror varies from attraction to attraction here, and most attractions have small ratings placed near their entrance about how frightening they are, and in what style.

The entrance to the massive rollercoaster that tours most of the commercial sections of the star-base is located here. It's a long ride, with many thrills, and a lot of sights to see. It weaves through the exterior of the station at many points, bursting out the top to barrel through tracks in space. Several smaller rollercoasters also have entrances here, and they also burst into space, but do not go on such a wide loop.

Faux Militare

This area is in one of the more middle rings and it features girls in uniforms, ranging from archaic full dress uniforms to skintight jungle cammo outfits and fake mud makeup. Despite the fact that it's advertised as a fake military experience, most of the girls here are experienced soldiers, and they're actually armed. This area extends into the lower levels. The upper levels that are open to the public consist of 'decommissioned' military equipment to play with (That can be recommissioned fairly rapidly), a shooting range, live ammo gunplay performances, several laser tag areas of different styles, and a paintball area as well. Military simulators also are in this zone.

Underneath this section is a large training area with editable environments. it's several decks high, allowing for three dimensional tactics and many different training situations. The girls often play wargames here, along side or against the Mishu soldiers and guards. This serves as good training.

Gambler's gold

This is the only area that's not free to anyone. It's a gambling area, and you have to put something you own at risk. The girls are not allowed to put “Group owned objects” at stake, but they're allowed to place small wagers using regularly provided tokens, and the things they win gambling actually belong to them, unlike the things they receive from the shops when they request them. (The girls are allowed to “Borrow” objects from the shops for long periods of time… until they get bored of the object).

The games range from games of skill and luck, like poker, to games of pure luck like slots, roulette, and prize drawings. Since the things they get here are officially theirs, this area is fairly popular with the girls, though they tend to focus on either the prize drawings or the games of skill. Most of the girls are well aware that the games of luck are weighted subtly in favor of the house. It's not that the house cheats, it's just that that's how gambling works.

Beauty Street

This area is dedicated to person decoration, and it's near the center of the disk. It features a modification shop, a tailor, a perfumery, a spa/public bath with real massages and manicures, and a small cafe.

The modification shop offers everything from cybernetics to tattoos to piercings, to scarification, to henna tattoos to body painting, and it includes a small medical area.

The tailor sells pre-made and tailored clothing, but it's fairly obvious that the girls who work there much prefer to tailor clothing to the visitors, as they take pride in their skill. The perfumery is also located here, as is a jewelry smith's shop. they offer both high tech clothing with interwoven electronics, and low tech clothing.

There's also a small cafe here that offers smoothies and various coffee drinks.

Learning Localle

The arts and crafts Zone extends into the research levels below it. The arts and crafts zone centers, fairly obviously, around arts and crafts. There are frequant art-demos and art technique shows, and the girls here are willing to teach guests how to make artwork. The higher quality supplies are not free, nor is studio time. But the studio time is a flat rate, and it covers cheaper material use.

There's also a group of music coaches who are willing to teach people how to play various musical instruments.

A crech exists in this area that's free for young children, and contains glitter, glue, paper, and safety scissors.

In the research levels below the arts and crafts zone are several art stations for the pets who enjoy making artwork. It's treated like a research level, and the works that Grunder decides not to keep are sold in auctions in other areas of the station. Each girl who wants one can stake out a small studio in this area, as well as any Mishu who wish to try their hands at art. The studios are split into blocks with various specializations.

There's also tutors available in a wide array of subjects, though they're less popular then the arts and crafts lessons.

Winter wonderland

This area is a small section in the middle that is kept at a lower temperature then the rest of the station. It possess sledding, skiing, ice-sculptures, snow sculptures, and a lot of decor made of frozen water. It even has an ice-skating rink. Guests can sleep in beds made of ice, and drink out of glasses made of ice at the bar. Most of the girls here are dressed up in parkas and other warm clothing.

Aside from the ice plates, and chilled foods, there's also hot food and drinks which are served on glass plates and glasses, frequently with thermal meshes on the bottom to keep them from melting the tables.

Beach Bunnies

The heat from the winter wonderland had to go somewhere, and it was piped to the Beach zone and the Jungle zone. The beach zone is pleasantly warm, and is a large room with a false holographic sky, a large sand beach, and an 'ocean'. Those who don't swim very well prefer to surf in this room as the salt content of the 'ocean' makes them more buoyant. Sand-castles are common here.

Desert wind

Somewhat similar to the beach zone, and located nearby. The only thing really special about this zone is it's theme. There's a lot of incense available here, and also large silk pillows, couches, and the like.

Jungle Zone

Hot and steamy the jungle zone is a small section in one of the middle rings full of carefully cultured trees, and exotic plant and animal life. The service staff here tend to dress in 'jungly' outfits, and woodcarvings are often on display here, as are animal skin/bird feather goods.

Red light District

This district is stocked with girls who possess a certain expertise. There are subdivisions of this outer ring district depending on the specific area the guest's interest lies in. There's a dance floor for 'exotic' dancers, there is a harem/whore house. There's also a BDSM play area, for both submissive and dominant guests. Sex toys are for sale in the district, and many of the food products sold in the district are made using milk and sexual fluids originating from some of the pets.

Guest Rooms

The guest rooms tend to take the style of the sector of the station that they're in. “Royal” rooms are small suits with personal servants. “Luxury suits” are small suites without the personal servants. The “Luxury rooms” are simply high quality rooms with a bedroom and a bath area but no dining room/study. They're on par with high quality hotel rooms. The “Standard” rooms are less luxurious and smaller, more like the usual hotel room that a person would encounter.

Pet suites

The pets/slaves often sleep many girls to a room. The girls also work in shifts, and are allowed to partake of the entertainments when they're off duty. The rooms are not opulent, but they're very comfortable. They're plush, with large bed/pits and editable lighting/music/decor.

The rooms have small but comfortable restrooms with bath and showers connected, and a small but decently appointed dining-room/office space with lots of storage compartments.

The bed area is one large bed/nest, that covers the floor with lots of little nooks and crannies. The girls are each also given a small personal 'hideaway' that's large enough for them to slip into it when they want to be away from people, and has several compartments that they can store personal possessions in. Despite the personal nooks, the girls tend not to use them unless angry or depressed, and it's not uncommon to see a large pile of girls sleeping in the center of the bed area, sharing one of the many large blankets.

Medical stations

Small medical stations are located throughout the space station. These small medical stations are there to provide treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, and generaly have small cots in them for people who want to rest for a few moments.

Civilian Docks

The civilian docks and docking bays are located around the outermost rim of the disk. The checkin staff are friendly, and do their best to reduce inconveniences as the guests are taken to separate rooms, their baggage carefully searched in front of them, are scanned with several scanners, and are occasionally given full body strip searches. It takes a long time to get through security, but the security staff are trained to be kind and friendly, and the check in staff are entertaining and gentle. They often put on impromptu shows for those who are still waiting for their number to be called.

Research levels

Located between the public/residential levels and the maintence/military levels the research levels are only open to specific members of the public: those with a lot of money or prestige, and who are willing to haggle for technology.

Medical bay

Located within the research levels, this is where people who get more serious injuries then the small medical stations can handle. Well trained doctors work here, as well as skilled nurses. Most of them are slaves, of course. There's a full operating theater, and a pharmacy as well as a recuperation section, and several diagnosis/scanning systems. Occasionally experimental\research medicine is performed here. Mishu with medical skills also work here, though they stay out of sight of any guests in the area.

The Labs

The Labs are well appointed research labs used by the pets, and Mishu who have science skills. There's a biolab, a physics lab, and a chemistry lab. There's also an 'art lab' and a large medbay.

Engineering labs

These 'labs' are more similar to small manufactures. Skilled engineers make prototypes here, and produce interesting technologies. They're packed chock full with lathes, wielding tools, and various fabricators/machine shop tools

Maintenance/military levels

All of the stuff past this point is located on the maintenance and military levels. These things are fairly utilitarian, and often are at least partly run by Mishu, as opposed to the slaves who run most of the rest of the station.

Captain's Suite

The captain's suite is impressive, though less so then Grunders. The environment in the room is perfectly editable to the commander's desires with complex atmosphere modification systems, and large holograms. The captain does not begrudge Grunder his excesses, as Grunder lets the captain work his side of the station the way he likes it. The captain is in charge of defense, security and maintenance of the station

Hydroponics/cloning/oxygen bottling

Sandwiched between military and maintenance levels are vast the hydroponics and cloning levels which provide food, medical supplies, for the station, and for many ships in Grunder's fleet as well. The hydroponic and cloning levels are lightly decorated, and designed for efficiency as opposed to style.

Barracks/staff rooms

These rooms are long barracks with several bunks used by the maintenance staff/slaves and by the military personnel. They're simplistic but comfortable and not unpleasant. Non Mishu staff (Slaves) can opt to live in a pet-suit instead. Some do, some don't.

Crew Recreation

The crew recreations are less nice then the stuff the guests get to partake of, but they're free for the crew to use, and they do offer several entertainments, including the ability to pilot an android body around on the higher levels. These android bodies are intended for use with the Mishu are regulated to below deck due to customers being onboard.

Cargo docks

The cargo docks are located near the bottom of the ship. This is where freighters dock to have their supplies taken onto the station, and the station's exports loaded onto the freighters.


The armories are located near the bottom, they're fairly well appointed. They contain many racks of weapons, ammo, and supplies for all of the weapons being used on the ship.


The 'Bridge' is the computerized command center of the entire station. it's well guarded and located in a hardened room.

Cargo Storage Areas

Near the bottom of the station, these run along the outside hall. They serve as cushioning in case of attack: Attacks will only breach the hull into the cargo area instead of the more populated area.


This area is a mostly automated factory that takes raw materials and turns them into finished products needed by the station, and by Grunder's fleet. Unlike the Engineering labs this manufacturing is a mostly automated factory that isn't designed for easy changes in end-product design. it's not for short-run prototypes, or to cobble together something in a machine bay. It's designed to churn out needed manufactured goods at a constant rate.

Maintenance Conduits

The maintenance conduits are designed to be easy to secure, with the ability to pump air out of them, as well as the ability to pump in other things, and lock off subsections with tightly sealed bulkheads.

Power Armor and Fighter Bays

These are located along the bottom of the ship, and 'drop' the fighters and armor out the bottom. There are semi-automated repair and refit devices in the bays to restock and resupply fighters/power armor that is damaged or out of missiles.

Escape pods

The station has several escape pods located near exterior walls, enough to get the crew and guests out alive.

Ship Systems

Fast Transit system

The fast transit system is a series of tubes/tracks woven between the military and maintenance sectors allowing for rapid transit of personnel and supplies through the various sectors of the station. The transport vehicles are high speed 'trams' which can easily reach mach 15 in the oxygen-lacking environment of the tubes. There's also a pneumatic tube system woven throughout most of the labs.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems


The armor for Communion Base is very friendly looking compared to the armor for most Mishu structures. This is because it was built through the technology of several captured slaves. The armor system for Communion Base consists of several layers designed to serve as innocuous protection.

The top layer is a thin sheath of artificial pink-diamond that has been painted with various decorations and designs. Under the pink diamond is a layer of laser reflective armor. Under that is Boreanium. Under that is a web of coolant pipes, and the web of coolant pipes is interwoven with kinetic dampers. For further protection, the lower levels of the base have large cargo bays that serve, partly, as ways to reduce damage to vital structures with 'padding'. The civilian sectors serve this purpose on top, and the docks do on the sides.

The dome is armored with translucent Zesuaium, but another protective armor deploys to cover the dome in battle, to prevent erosion of the Zeusaium by anti-matter weapons and particle weapons. The additional covering material shows similar composition to the rest of the armor.

The hull contains several bulkheads designed to slam down in the case of breaching, in order to prevent oxygen escape. Parts of the station can be detached with explosive bolts, and cutting charges, in the case that an emergency occurs.

Armour type: Heavy

Tractor Beams

Located mostly near airlocks these beams diflect oncoming asteroids and help guide docking ships safely.

Computers and Electronics

Power Generations

The power for the station is provided via multiple redundant generators. Oddly, none of them are aether based.

Life Form Detectors

Knock off Type 31 Lifeform Detection System are located throughout the ship for security

Computer system

The computer system of this massive station is something of a nightmare. Most of the important components are located on the bridge, and nanites can be released into the air to give the computer an effective avatar. The AI is fairly advanced, and has a personality that's tuned towards marketing, taking on male or female aspects depending on the comfort of whom it is interacting with. The AI is fairly deceitful, and a skilled liar, though it is also very helpful in leading civilians around the base and answering questions truthfully that are not questions that would reveal the true owners of the star-base, or it's true nature.

The nightmare of the system is all of the different AI technologies that were meshed together to build it. It started with Mishhu standard AI systems, but Elysian, Yamataian, and even Nepleslian systems were spliced into it. Maintenance on it is difficult, and it's patchwork nature is more a show of force for the owner then anything practical, though it does improve the AI's adaptability, and make it more difficult to hack due to the inter-meshed systems.


There are a large variety of sensors on the station, many of them intended for scientific purposes instead of combat. Nevertheless it gives the station an amazing resolution and incredible ability to scan other ships. The sensors range from…

Radar: Standard omnidirectional and tightbeam radar systems

Ldar: Laser radar using an incredibly tight beam to paint a target and collect small details.

Madar: Microwave radiation radar, works in a different spectrum to allow it to pick up on radar invisible targets.

Gravity sensors: Exactly what it says on the tin, searches for changes in gravity, passive sensor

Gravitonic wave sensors: Produces gravatonic disturbances to search for artificial gravity fields, which respond differently to the disturbances then the natural ones. Active sensors

Magnetic Sensors: Search for active magnetic fields and locates them, passive sensor

Magnetic Resonance Sensors: Active magnetic sensors that produce magnetic fields and search for resonance that would signify the existence of other magnetic fields

Subspace Sensors: Searches subspace to detect FTL objects

Hyperspace Sensors: Searches hyperspace to detect FTL hyperspace folding objects

Tunneling Radar: Uses micro-hyperspace tunneling, and micro-subspace tunneling to ping targets and receive information faster then the speed of light

Visual Sensors: Eyeballing it. Lots of telescopes and high fidelity digital cameras.

Communication Systems

The station contains a wide variety of communications systems to allow it to contact several different sorts of systems, ranging from subspace radio, to standard radio. There's also hyperspace and laser comunication systems, and even a garavetometric coms system.

Emergency Systems

Star Army Standard Starship Emergency Systems

Located throughout the structure are small oxygen closets which contain multi-species emergency space suits, O(2) supplies and O(2) hoses attached to masks. These are in case of pressure/oxygen loss and they're very clearly marked.

Emergency Stations are also located throughout the ship. These closets contain sets of maintenance tools and supplies intended to repair damaged parts of the ship. These are located near each of the isolatable sections of the stations. Due to the way the isolation systems work, there's a lot of these.

Several sets of blast doors are designed to fall and cut off sections of the station in case the section has been exposed to space or contains enemy troops. Blast 'switches' can even isolate the computers within a blast-section to prevent hacking by destroying the physical connection between the computers inside the section and the ones outside. These blast doors also block ventilation and maintenance systems.

Sprinklers line most of the civilian hallways, they produce H(2)O in an attempt to put out fires. Also fires can be isolated, and the segment they're in can be pumped full of Halon. Further regular hand-fire fighting devices are located through the corridors, they produce carbon foams.

Robots patrol the station serving as the AI's eyes, ears, and hands. They repair damage, put out fires, and carry people to medical stations in case of injury. These robot patrols move along the ceiling, using tracks and rails on the ceiling for rapid movement without the risk of interfering with the crowd. There's another, smaller variety that doesn't patrol the corridors, but rather patrols the ventilation systems and maintenance tubes.

Claxons, sirens, and a station wide PA system allow for further control during emergencies, as do backup generators and cargo bays containing emergency rations and supplies. Further there's a very large number of escape pods, more pods then the station needs to evacuate all crew and guests, assuming each pod is filled to capacity. Fewer then needed assuming one person per pod.

Sound Powered Telephones are available in most locals, just in case of emergency.

Lastly there are Soul Savior pods for the Mishhu, and for any of the slaves who are capable of uploading to such pods, just in case the worst comes to the worst. Also there are knockoff Star Army Escape Pod, Type 30s

Life Support Systems

The life support systems of this starbase are startlingly advanced. It possess hydroponics to produce food and oxygen, of course, and several large heat radiators as well as heating and cooling systems to preserve temperature. The radiators are hidden in the form of sparkling lights across the ship: the lights are lit with thermal energy, and forced to cool via unidirectional photon emission. This is not very efficient, but it is very showy. More efficient systems are interwoven throughout the starbase. All of its systems (Ranging from water purification and waste recycling to oxygen filtering) have many backup systems, just in case. Typically at least one of the backups is organic in design, because organic technology tends to be easier to maintain, and repairs itself. This makes it useful as a tertiary backup that's not expected to be needed, but when it is needed it had BETTER still be functioning.

The Starbase also possess a HSCS system that runs through the walls of the ship.

Shield Systems

The base contains three different shielding systems, each intended to be used in different situations. The energy capacitors are designed to be able to rapidly switch the 'topmost' shield so that the one best for each sort of projectile. One is a sort of gravity shield projected by the various tractor beams attached to the ship's hull. One is a electromagnetic shield, and one is a spacial distortion shield that rests under the other two. it's the last defense line because it is the most energy intensive.

The generators for the shields are stolen technology, meshed together so that the shields have a fairly unique unique signature that does not automatically demonstrate them to be of NMX origin.

Gravity Shielding: 15 SP threshold 5 Electromagnetic Shielding: 15 SP threshold 5 Distortion Shielding: 20 SP threshold 5

Weapons Systems

  • Ather Cannons (Main Gun): 10, DR 5 area effect
  • Ather Guns (Secondary weapon): 30, DR 5
  • Plasma Cannons: 60, DR 4
  • Missile Racks (Anti-fighters): 200, DR 3
  • Pulse Lasers (General Defense): 400, DR 2
  • Mass Drivers (Point defence): 1,200, DR 1

Vehicle Complement


Small luxury shuttles and larger cargo shuttles are docked on the station. They service ships that, for whatever reason, cannot dock directly with the station, carrying passangers on and off, and likewise cargo. The shuttles are fairly basic and standard, though the luxury shuttles are quite nice.



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