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NMX Model 32 Gigamishhu Carrier

The Model 32 Gigamishhu Carrier is a single massive NMX soldier built into an armored hull that contains massive storage areas and an entire NMX command facility.

About the Ship

Developed in YE 32 by MORGAN primarily to support the development of Higaflan into a breeding ground for NMX soldiers, the Gigamishhu carrier combines massive storage space with support tentacles capable of building a wide variety of structures. Entire logistics engines, Armies, or captive populations can be stored inside of the ship and onboard equipment allows for rapid construction, deployment, or processing of cargo through use of construction tentacles, drop pods, or an onboard prisoner processing facility.

Though lightly armed, the Gigamishhu is far from defenseless and is capable of deploying thousands of gunboats, bomber pods, and battle pods. Backing this up is a FTL particle cannon array that uses intense particle beams transported by the FTL field generated by a NMX: Model 32 Projectile Launcher for transport. Defensively, the entire ship is capable of phasing allowing for stealthy entry and exit of a battlespace. The massive size allows for a level of protection against the radiation generated from phasing but the immense resource cost for building a ship of this scale using the relatively untested phasing technology ensures that only a few ships of this class can be produced.

Due to the nature of the ship, the Gigamishhu carrier can currently only be produced in the Higaflan system’s shipyards one at a time using a re-purposed Shlarvasseroth-class construction facility.

Mission Specialization

  • Logistics
  • Planetary Subjugation
  • Fleet Transport


The gigamishhu is encased inside of a massive armored shell. Engines protrude from the shell in the rear and a hole for the cannon array is at the front. Along the underside numerous pieces of equipment stick out of the hull. At the front are two large blue 'eyes' which act as the main sensors. Pink docking hatches and dark brown and grey lift engines are right behind the eyes. Cylindrical pink drop pod bays are behind those. In the middle are three force field guarded launch and recovery bays for gunships, transports, and battle pods. Directly above these bays are the massive star ship manipulator tentacles, each of which is hundreds of meters long with numerous appendages that extend from the tips capable of preforming a variety of tasks. Behind this, and in front of the engines, are the gigamishhu's birthing organs. Along the top are the defensive blisters and a large retractable roof which covers the internal warehouse capable of storing thousands of cargo containers.

Prisoner processing is carried out towards the rear of the craft, starship maintenance and construction in the center, soldier's quarters in front of this, and command functions towards the front. The entire upper decks are cargo space.

(tentacles removed for ease of viewing)

(Water Landing, Cargo Bay Open)

Statistics and Performance

(Underside, Tentacles removed for ease of viewing –>) supercarrierunderside600.jpg


Class: Model 32 Gigamishhu Carrier Type: Carrier
Designers: MORGAN
Manufacturer: Higaflan Shipyards
Production: 1 built (1 more in production)
Fielded by: MORGAN


Crew: 123 operators are recommended, 1 is required.
Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 300 people. Up to 6000 soldiers and nearly 50,000 prisoners can be held aboard the ship.


(Without Tentacles)
Length: 1387.24 meters
Width: 324.48 meters
Height: 191 meters

Propulsion and Range

Continuum Distortion Drive: 9,375c
Hyperspace Fold Drive: 0.65 ly/m
Sublight Engines: 0.1c

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 2) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 50
  • Shields: 30 (Threshold 3)

Inside the Ship

The Inside of the Gigamishhu ranges from slimey standard NMX Barraks and birthing organs, to pristine, clean, disinfected white warehouses and command facilities

  • NMX Command Center
  • NMX Processing Facility
  • NMX Ground Division Barracks
  • NMX Birthing Organs
  • NMX War Factory
  • NMX Warehouse
  • NMX Industrial Digestion Organs
  • NMX Drop Pod Bay

Ship Systems

Critical Equipment

Communications: Model 31 Phased Communication Array
Engines, STL: Model 31 Aether Plasma Drive x4
Engines, FTL: NMX Distortion Drive Generator
Power Generation: Model 29 Aether Generator x20, Model 29 Fusion Reactorx4
Sensors, exterior: Model 31 Sensor Array
Shields: Model 30 Shield Suite

Special Equipment

Battle pod Bay: Model 32 Birthing Organ x20
Digestion Organ: Industrial Digestion Organx2
Interdiction: Model 29 Interdiction Generator
Phasing: Model 31 Phase Generator x300
Telepathy: NMX Model 32 Mass Telepathy Organ
Tentacle: Super Starship Manipulator Appendage x8


NMX: Model 32 Projectile Launcher x2
NMX Heavy Particle Cannon x4 SDR 5
NMX:Model 32 Point Defense Blister x10

Vehicle Complement

10,000 bomber pods or battle pods with all cargo space devoted to battlepods, 2,000 with birthing organs only.

97 gunboats,


Stats 60:
5 Weapons
10 point to point
6 Shields
30 Utility

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