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Parasite-Type Mishhuvurthyar

The parasite is a highly mobile creature that serves as both a kinetic weapon and a mind-and-body-controlling parasite.

About the Parasite Type

Mishhuvurthyar parasites are small four-eyed, slime-covered, and slug-like creatures with a round, tapered main body with penetrating front “teeth,” tendrils, and segmented “head” armor. The Parasite-Type NMX is the only of the new Mishhuvurthyar to not come with a Standard Tentacle Package, being too small to house the myriad tentacles. Instead, there are small sacs that carry the same injection-type fluids that are found in the STP that the Parasite-Type can inject using tiny needles in its mouth into its victims. They measure 10-40 centimeters in length. They will attempt to enter a victim's body through any available orifice or by burrowing through the skin. They are able to float in midair at speeds up to 145 kilometers per hour (90 mph).

Impact Damage

Assuming a parasite weighs about 2 kg, and that it hits at its full speed of 145 km/h (40.2777778 meters per second), it impacts the victim (with its teeth) with a force of 1622.3 Joules. According to Wikipedia, the force of a 5.56 × 45 mm rifle round is 1,796 Joules and 1,400 Joules for a .44 Magnum pistol round. Essentially, getting hit by one is equivalent to being shot (Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel).


In addition, the Parasite type has a stinger that can be injected into a victim's brain or nervous system to completely take over a victim's body and use it to its will, enabling the NMX to completely control all systems of the victim's body. A living body is not necessarily required for this, as a recently dead body can also be used for this purpose. Some are less cognizant of what's going on after the change and were referred to as “Zombies,” due to the previously deceased state of the host body.

After an extended period of time, the victim's mind and personality will be completely overwritten, and the depleted husk of the NMX's former body will fall off and wither. Some (generally larger) varieties of parasite types leave a small bud on the skin that will eventually grow into a Mishhuvurthyar Tentacles on the host body. Popular points of ejection are the middle of the back, the base of the skull, behind the shoulder blade, inside a limb, or in the stomach or genital area of the victim. Smaller Parasite-Types do not have the necessary mass to form STP buds, and are often used for more covert operations.

These infected persons make good infiltrators, since externally they can look normal despite being under Mishhuvurthyar control.The parasite is able to take some of the host's memories but it's not always a perfect process (basically up to the GM).

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