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Shlarvasseroth-class Flagship

In the Mishhuvurthyar language, Shlarvasseroth roughly means, “Nightmare.” These huge Mishhuvurthyar flagships are aptly named as the dark horrors they are.

(Please note that most of the data below is earned through what little SAINT has uncovered of the vessels as well as the rather sketchy plans the Mishhuvurthyar interpreter Melisson handed out to Taisa Hanako.)


The Shlarvasseroth was first encountered deeply within Mishhuvurthyar space by the YSS Sakura. This fearsome vessel, commanded by the Mishhuvurthyar interpreter Melisson, seemed to dwarf even the largest SMX battleships encountered to date by the Star Army of Yamatai. It was originally built in the Higaflan SMX shipyards from mid-YE 27 to early-YE 29 and had finally seen deployment right in time to play an instrumental role in the Battle of Taiie.

Several more Shlarvasseroth-class flagships are suspected to be in construction deep within the territory of the Dark Ones. A second one was recently launched with a much sparser array of aetheric quill weapons to participate in defense roles.

About the Shlarvasseroth

Construction of the Shlarvasseroths was undertaken for one singular purpose: deliver the agony of tortuous defeat to the Yamatai Star Empire. Built around an anti-stellar main weapon and with a dizzying array of anti-capital ship weaponry bristling over most of its outer hull, defensive shielding which could match that of the Iori-class star fortresses and drive units which could compare to the advanced mobility capital yamataian vessels boasted; the beastly ship seems to have more than the tool it requires to fulfill its purpose.

Government: Sfrarabla Nougpift Organization: Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp Ship Type: Flagship Ship Class: Shlarvasseroth 1 Manufacturer: specialized SMX Shipyard Facilities Crew: 2722 Mishhuvurthyar, plus various slaves. Supports up to around 72,120 persons.

Note: The Shlarvasseroth 2 is reported to be the next model the Mishhuvurthyar will field, intent on reducing the number of aetheric quill weapons to less than 1/10th their original number in favor of increasing their damage output. While this would disminish the vessel's anti-mecha capabilities, it should not drastically change how it performs against capital vessels and basestations. This change was planned apparently to disminish time it took to complete one of these massive vessels. There is no apparent plans to refit the two first flagships produced.


The Mishhuvurthyar flagship is most reminiscent of a monstrous claw, as its front section is exactly that; triple claws extend out from the core mounting section in a pincer shape, two on the top and the 'thumb-like' one opposing them on the bottom. Each claw is segmented in three mobile section which serve to deploy the transposition array - each 'finger' ends with a wickedly serrated talon-like ramming spike. The whole assembly makes for at least half of the ship's length.

The bulky core section splits into two fin-like protrusions sweep out on each side of the vessel and trail back, each backed by the flagship's powerful gravimetric engine drives - the fat underside of the fins sports numerous docking points and spiral hatches. The armored skin covering the vessel's zesuaium framework are covered with wickedly sharp looking quill-like blisters with a pivot at each base to allow each weapon blister accurate, pin-point aiming. The Shlarvasseroth's many torpedo launchers are nearly seamlessly embedded in the hull and each torpedo port is only a small, armor-covered gap within the deadly forest of spikes.

Length: 3625 meters Width: 1320 meters Height: 1570 meters Mass: Unknown. Uses an advanced inertia/mass control system.

Estimated Performance

Power System: Quintessent Energy Tap and possibly several aetheric generators.

Speed (Sublight): .65c Speed (FTL): 165 000c Speed (Hyperspace Drive): ~78,256,900c (5LY/min) Speed (Atmospheric): Mach 1 Range: Supports a crew for up to 20 years through recycling.


Anti-Star Transposition Array: Dwarfing the Legacy cannon the Xianthrafruglu has, the Shlarvasseroth's main weapon, built in its three large clawlike extensions, manifests a 1 AU wide black globe which can destroy anything in its reach much like the TFC can - this causes major damage to the space-time of the area which will take months to 'heal'. Alternatively, the transposition array can, instead of unleashing a lethal attack, grab anything a globe of up to a 1 AU diameter and transfer it to another location within the weapon's range.

Primary Purpose: Anti-Fleet Secondary Purpose: Anti-Star, Anti-Planet Damage: Total Annihilation or displacement over a 1 AU wide area Range: Minimum range is 2 AU. Maximum range is 2 LY. Rate of Fire: Once every fifteen minutes. Payload Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power.

Aetheric Beam Quill Weapons (650 000): Covering the vessel are thousands of flexible quill-like weapons. Sharp and sporting a mirror finish, these wicked looking spikes can bend and twist on their length to aim their point on a target. Each weapon can store power to fire more punishment for the purpose of breaching defenses.

Purpose: Anti-Starship Damage: Moderate to heavy on charge Range: 500,000 miles Rate of Fire: Two Five-second bursts every 15 seconds. Charged beam requires a 20 second delay. Payload Effectively Unlimited.

Quintessent Hyperspace Torpedoes (17 launchers): Launched from the ship, these torpedoes are manned by a small brain-like genetically-engineered suicide bomber which dutifully pilots the craft into an enemy ship, emerging through hyperspace near the target and smashing into it. The heavy shield systems on the torpedo allow it to pierce most ship shielding systems to get to the enemy hull. Once attached, the torpedo will quickly thrust through the armor using its positron tunneling device, and then detonate inside the enemy craft. Some torpedoes detonate with biological weapons, or even lay Mishhuvurthyar eggs.

Primary Purpose: Anti-starship Secondary Purpose: Assault Damage: Extremely Heavy. Piercing. Range: 50 light-years Rate of Fire: Once per three seconds per launcher. Payload 230 torpedoes each for a total of 3910.

Scalar Wave Arrays (8400): Because of the nature of this weapon, it can be especially deadly. Scalar fields can detonate ammunition or fuel, fry pilot's nervous systems, or destroy electronics; They also penetrate non-gravitic shielding. This is accomplished using electrogravitational wave interferometry.

Purpose: Anti-Starship, point-defense Damage: Destroys ammo, fuel, or electronics. Kills animals. Ignores non-gravimetric shields. Range: 2,000,000 miles Rate of Fire: Constant Payload Unlimited Note: Also has a stun setting for taking captives.

Mecha Complement

Attack Pods (18,000): See Mishhuvurthyar Frasworstch. Officer Pods (8500): See Mishhuvurthyar Whifgurflumik. Rippers (12,000)

System Descriptions

Armor and shielding: The ship's armor mostly consists of Zesuaium plates over thin Zanarium sheet metal, backed with thick Yamataium. The armor is supplemented by an energy-dispersal/absorption field that can dissipate most energy beams shot at it, and a gravitic repulsion shield that provides notable protection against scalar attacks.Susplementing that are what are suspected to be basestation grade CFS-based energy shielding.

Graviton Beam Projectors (65): This device creates a stream of gravitons which can be used to tow other spacecraft. The projector is ineffective against ships using gravitonic shielding.

Combined Field System: The specifics of how the mishhuvurthyar have their analog to the Yamataian CFS units function are unknown, but not only is the Shlarvasseroth very mobile for its size, but it also boast a very powerful interdiction field (or an equivalent) which has severely impaired the function of CFS and Fold systems even after the field was put down; the field the SMX flagship generates seems to have a tremendous 1.5 lY radius.

Repulsion Field Generators: In addition to being able to off-set the gravitational pull of a planet and/or star in order to maintain control, the Repulsion Field Generators are able to provide a field around the ship that “presses away” from the ship essentially. This works two-fold in that it slows the velocity of incoming ordnance as well as accelerates the outgoing ordnance. The fields can be operated at such a intensity that light itself will bend though at the cost of some of the ships other systems malfunctioning.

Quintessent Wave Differentialometer (QWD): Understanding that quintessent energy is ubiquitous within the universe and that matter and energy cannot take up the same place, systems have been placed to measure the differential space and shape of matter as it takes up space within the sea of quintessence. Given the shape and mass of the object, numerous things can be derived such as make and purpose of a ship, specific coordinates and position of the object in lieu of being tricked into a cloaking device, and direction that the object is going by the rippled wake it leaves behind.

Advanced Attack Prediction System(?): Similar in purpose to WARMS in the electronic suites of Yamataian warships, the Shlarvasseroth seems more than capable of making evasive maneuvers against many of the more dangerous anti-capital ship weapons and effects.

Magnetic Resonance Scanners: Magnetic Resonance is used to identify the target hull and construction elements used to compose the ship. Provided the technology of the opposition has the necessary equipment (which they would if they're in space), samples of the vessels can be 'captured' for study of composition and energy content. The findings, if available are then cross-referenced with the AI Suite for confirmation and further details.

Long-Range Infrared Spectrometer: It's common sense, space is cold. In an environment stagnated to a temperature of only three Kelvin, the ability to give off heat and lots of it is a luxury only stars and planets often have the luxury of possessing. It goes to say then, that in the cold recesses of space, if heat is being produced and yet there isn't a celestial body, then something artificial is creating it.

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