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Whifgurflumik Battle Pod (Type 26)

Mishhuvurthyar Whifgurflumik (Battle Pod)

Dimensions and Crew Compliment

Government: Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Nougpift Organization: Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) Mecha Type: Short-Range Attack Pod Mecha Class: Whifgurflumik 1 (Type 26) Manufacturer: SMX Fleet Yards

Crew: 1 Mishhuvurthyar Length: 1 meter Width: 1.2 meter Height: .8 meter Mass: 583 kg

Appearance: Ellipsoid ugly fuchsia mass with protruding cannons and baby-diarrhea-green accents.

Power System: Quintessent Energy Tap and Gravimetric Drive System

Speed (Sublight): .25c Speed (Atmospheric): Mach 13 Range: Supports a Mishhuvurthyar pilot for up to 13 days through recycling

Weapons Systems

Light Subspace-Encased Positron Tunneling Cannons (6): Like the main gun, these miniaturized versions are designed to cut through any shielding and matter in a short amount of time. The light cannon also penetrates most distortion and repulsion shielding, ignores scalar and β€œhard” shields, and cuts into even Zesuaium and Yamataium, while electrocuting the target at the same time through intense release of positive energy. These cannons are like those found on the Mishhuvurthyar Frasworstch, but in clusters of three.

Primary Purpose: Anti-mecha Secondary Purpose: Anti-starship Damage: Heavy. Piercing Range: 1 AU (Practical range is 5,000 miles) Rate of Fire: Three times per second Payload Effectively unlimited

Main Missile Launcher (1): Located on the underside of the pod, this large, segmented missile launchers contain launchers for wormhole-killing mini-missiles. When not in use, the missiles are protected by launcher covers.

Warhead: SMX Subspace Detonating Mini-Missiles Purpose: Creates holes in shield systems, disables FTL flight, collapses wormholes Damage: No direct damage Range: 50 miles Rate of Fire: Individually, or in volleys of 2,3, 7, 14, 28, 56, or 112 from each pod Payload 112

Tactical Missile Launchers (2): Located outside and somewhat on the top of the sides of the pod, these launchers are exposed to space, and can be jettisoned from the pod when emptied. Sometimes these are replaces with mine launchers.

Warhead: SMX Flash Missiles Purpose: Stunning enemy pilots, damaging enemy mecha Damage: Creates an intensely bright flash, while spreading incendiary materials like flak Range: 100 miles Rate of Fire: Individually, or in volleys of 3, 6, 11, or 33 from each pod Payload 66 each for a total of 122

Scalar Pulse Cannon: Mounted in nose of the pod. Because of the nature of this weapon, it can be especially deadly. Scalar fields can detonate ammunition or fuel, fry pilot's nervous systems, or destroy electronics; They also penetrate non-gravitic shielding. This is accomplished using electrogravitational wave interferometry.

Purpose: Anti-Personnel Damage: Destroys ammo, fuel, or electronics. Kills animals. Ignores non-gravitic shields Range: 200,000 miles Rate of Fire: Semiautomatic beam fires so long as trigger is depressed Payload Unlimited Note: Has a stun setting for taking captives

Systems Descriptions

Armor and shielding: The pod's armor mostly consists of thick diamond-coated plates over thin Zanarium sheet metal, backed with a Neutronium shell. The armor is supplemented by an energy-dispersal/absorption field that can dissipate most energy beams shot at it, and a gravitic repulsion shield that provides notable protection against scalar attacks.

Organic Computer: The basic DNA-based computer controls automated functions of the pod and provides a translation system from the ship's systems to the crew and back. The computer system is not sentient, but is adaptive and intuitive.

Main Sensors: The sensors of the pod are fairly limited. They basic microwave radar, various optics (Visual, Infrared), and a crude scalar radar. Sensors and communications are integrated. The sensor palettes also include standard and subspace radios.

Telepathic Activity Scanner: This passive sensor, connected to the organic computer, constantly checks the area in a one AU radius for brainwaves. Since ships tend to have persons aboard, it can usually pinpoint said ships by their crews.

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