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Xianthrafruglu Gunship

About the Xianthrafruglu

In the Mishhuvurthyar language, Xianthrafruglu roughly means, “Decapitator.” The powerful gunship is made to make one-hit kills to Star Army of Yamatai ships, which are generally regarded as the universe's most powerful warships; the Xianthrafruglu is not to be taken lightly.

History and Background

The Xianthrafruglu was designed in late YE 27 by Mishhuvurthyar in orbit of Hyulughflar (SC-2) after the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) gave the Star Army of Yamatai major losses during the Xyainbor and Mwigflukbajik offensives. Mishhuvurthyar technology was deemed not good enough, and an arms race began in the Sfrarabla to develop independent ships that were even more deadly than small fleets of the older ships were, using captured Star Army technology and the latest in Mishhuvurthyar technology.

The Xianthrafruglu did not, however, become common until mid-YE 29 due to supply constraints and technological setbacks.

Dimensions and Crew Complement

Organizations Using This Vessel: Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) Type: Heavy Gunship Class: Xianthrafruglu Models 27 through 29 Designer: Unknown Manufacturer: Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) Production: Unknown

Crew: Unknown Maximum Capacity: Unknown Appearance (Top view):

Length: 146.5m Width: 88m Height: 15m Decks: 4 Mass: Around 600,000kg

Performance Statistics

Speed (STL): Up to .50c Speed (FTL): Up to 250,000c Speed (Aerial): Mach 5 in atmosphere with shields Speed (Water): Unknown

Range (Distance): Theoretically unlimited Range (Support): Over ten years' worth of travel Lifespan: Unknown Refit Cycle: Unknown

Inside the Xianthrafruglu

No data: The interior of this ship has never been seen.

Ship Systems


Armor and shielding: The ship's armor mostly consists of Zesuaium plates over thin Zanarium sheet metal, backed with thick Yamataium. The armor is supplemented by an energy dispersal/absorption field that can dissipate most energy beams shot at it, and a gravitic repulsion shield that provides notable protection against scalar attacks.

Airlock System: Airlocks on the ship take about ten seconds to cycle and are covered by spiral doorways.

Escape Pods: The Xianthrafruglu carries no escape pods.

Graviton Beam Projectors (6): This device creates a stream of gravitons which can be used to tow other spacecraft. The projector is ineffective against ships using gravitonic shielding.

Environmental Systems

Air Recycling System: Nothing remarkable about the recycling systems. The ship can support a full crew plus slaves for over ten years.

Food recycling system: Disgusting

Sensor and Computer Systems

Computer System: The Xianthrafruglu utilizes a quantum computer of unknown type and origin.

Long-Range Infrared Spectrometer: It's common sense: space is cold. In an environment stagnated to a temperature of only three Kelvin, the ability to give off heat and lots of it is a luxury only stars and planets often have the luxury of possessing. It goes to say then, that in the cold recesses of space, if heat is being produced and yet there isn't a celestial body, then something artificial is creating it.

Magnetic Resonance Scanners: Magnetic Resonance is used to identify the target hull and construction elements used to compose the ship. Provided the technology of the opposition has the necessary equipment (which they would if they're in space), samples of the vessels can be 'captured' for study of composition and energy content. The findings, if available are then cross-referenced with the AI Suite for confirmation and further details.

Quintessent Wave Differentialometer (QWD): Understanding that quintessent energy is ubiquitous within the universe and that matter and energy cannot take up the same place, systems have been placed to measure the differential space and shape of matter as it takes up space within the sea of quintessence. Given the shape and mass of the object, numerous things can be derived such as make and purpose of a ship, specific coordinates and position of the object in lieu of being tricked into a cloaking device, and direction that the object is going by the rippled wake it leaves behind.

Field Systems

Repulsion Field Generators: In addition to being able to off-set the gravitational pull of a planet and/or star in order to maintain control, the Repulsion Field Generators are able to provide a field around the ship that “presses away” from the ship essentially. This works two-fold in that it slows the velocity of incoming ordnance as well as accelerates the outgoing ordnance. The fields can be operated at such a intensity that light itself will bend though at the cost of some of the ships other systems malfunctioning.


Legacy Cannon: This massive weapon unit transposes the space between two points, causing the space-time continuum of an area to collapse on itself (it leaves damage to space which can take weeks or even months for the beam area to “heal”). Ships using space-time anchors or dimensional screens are particularly affected by the TFC and are almost guaranteed to be dragged out of existence in about a minute by their anchors, even when not directly in the path of the beam (50,000 miles). Deactivating the T/SA or DS will halt the ship's approach to the rift. A TFC can also be used to generate a 20-mile-wide black hole anywhere within its normal firing range.

Primary Purpose: Anti-starship Secondary Purpose: Assault Damage: Tiers 13 through 15, Light Anti-Capital Ship through Heavy Anti-Capital Ship (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which) over a 20-mile wide area Range: 20 through 200,000,000 miles (the beam can not hit anything less than 20 miles from the ship) Rate of Fire: Once every minute. Payload Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power.

Heavy Subspace-Encased Positron Tunneling Cannons (2): Designed to cut through any shielding and matter in a infinitesimal amount of time, this weapon (the main gun of smaller vessels) gives the Mishhuvurthyar a nasty edge. The cannon penetrates distortion and repulsion shielding, ignores scalar and “hard” shields, and burrows through Zesuaium and Yamataium rather easily, while electrically draining the target ship at the same time through intense release of positive energy.

Primary Purpose: Anti-starship Secondary Purpose: Assault Damage: Tier 12, Heavy Anti-Starship. Range: 1 AU Rate of Fire: Twice every 15 seconds. Payload Effectively unlimited.

Vehicle Complement

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