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Dovanian Currency

Unlike other factions, the Monarchy of Dovania is very limited on who they allow trade with. Dovanian Tekk, the name of the currency, is purely minted coins from silver, platinum, gold, and a few coins that are a combination of two of the aforementioned metals. These coins range from 100 Tekk platinum coins, to Ha'penny silver coins.

Dovanian Tekk

The DT is the Dovanian minted currency. The DT is a currency backed by the amount of resources that the Faction controls; It is also controlled by the rarity of how much of the currency is in circulation1). As of YE 41, the currency is hyper deflated, a single Tekk being worth 16.4 KS. The Tekk is also a very closed-nit currency, only being allowed within the borders of Monarchy of Dovania. This allows the government to have complete control over the amount that is in circulation, as well as preventing counterfeit money. In the event of counterfeit currency being produced, the bar-codes and numbers that are on said coins are encrypted, allowing for added protection.

Most of the coins are minted no larger than 3“ in diameter, making them fairly small and easy to carry around. Satchels of coins are more common of a sight, rather than wallets full of cash. All of the coins are minted with a historical leader on them, two of such have Kyro-vek Draguun's head minted on; these coins are the 100 T coin and the 1 T coin. While the others have the other historical royals from the past on Planet Xuno.

Denominations Head Image Tail Image
100 Kyro-vek Draguun Royal Council Hall
50 Stephen I of Kotromanić Thullok Royal Estate
20 Mladen Šubić II Fahen Presidential Palace
10 Matej Ninoslav of Kulinić Ichikan Royal Palace
5 Borić Boričević Reevean Military Academy
2 Tvrtko Ostojić II Palace of Nojah
1 Kyro-vek Draguun Royal Council Hall
0.50 50 CenTekk Xunok Giant Dovania
0.20 20 CenTekk Xunok Giant Dovania
0.10 10 CenTekk Xunok Giant Dovania
0.05 5 CenTekk Xunok Giant Dovania
0.01 1 CenTekk Xunok Giant Dovania
0.005 5 Ha'CenTekk Xunok Giant Dovania

CenTekk come in increments of 0.50, 0.20, 0.10, 0.05, 0.01, & 0.005. CenTekk are the smaller white gold and silver coins that represent the smaller denominations. On the head’s side, there is the value of the coin, and on the tail’s side is the Xunok Giant Dovania.

Conversion Rates and Value

The Monarchy of Dovania, as of YE 41 still doesn't accept every type of currency.

Currencies Accepted Currencies Actual Conversion to Dovanian Tekk
AR Not Accepted 82 AR : 1 DT
C Not Accepted 49.2 C : 1 DT
DA Not Accepted 32.8 DA : 1 DT
DS Accepted 65.6 DS : 1 DT
KD Not Accepted 65.6 KD : 1 DT
KS Not Accepted 16.4 KS : 1 DT
NA Not Accepted 65.6 NA : 1 DT
OW Not Accepted 32.8 OW : 1 DT
RN Not Accepted 32.8 RN : 1 DT

International Currency Exchange

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Currently 8 trillion Dovanian Tekk

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