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Dovanian Economy

Monarchy of Dovania has an economy that is completely closed off from the rest of the Kikyo Sector. The currency that they use, the Dovanian Tekk (DT), is only in circulation within MoD space and is not used outside of the Kyzu system - meaning that outside trade is made through deals of resources instead of money.

Dovanian Tekk

The Dovanian Tekk is the currency of Monarchy of Dovania. As of the year YE 40 there are 3 quadrillion printed units of the currency. The currency, however, is deflated due to being locked away under the control of the government to prevent inflation and the devaluation of the currency. This essentially makes the currency locked up โ€œnullโ€ until introduced into the economy.

With the DT being deflated the way it is, purchasing anything is relatively cheap - however, the conversion rates are another story between the DT and the KS or DA.

Conversion Rates

The conversion rates between the DT and the aforementioned other currencies are purely based off of what Monarchy of Dovania accepts. Whether the actual value of the DT is more or less to the rest of the Kikyo Sector is irrelevant, as due to the closed economy, none of their currency is supposed to have a massive impact anywhere else - making it a Dovania-only currency.

Currencies KS DA DT
Value of Conversion to DT 5 KS : 1 DT 10 DA : 1 DT 1 DT : 1 DT

As stated above, these conversion rates are for the Monarchy Of Dovania only, making this only relevant for those seeking to attempt to get involved in the Dovanian market.


Kyro-vek Draguun, the High King of Monarchy of Dovania, created this currency in order to create a stable, faction-wide currency. In order to not have to rely on the rest of the Kikyo Sector for the value of their currency, they have no trade or diplomatic relations with any other organizations or factions besides the following:

YE 40

Not even Dovania's allies, however, may use the DT unless they abide by the Dovanian conversion rates.

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