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Sealant Gel

Sealant Gel is contained within New Dusk Conclave Power Armor, used to heal its occupants when their bodies take harm, and as part of medical treatments. It effectively seals wounds and improves the body's ability to heal in affected areas.

It has been in use since YE 40.


Sealant Gel was developed by the Department Of Research and Development around the same time as the Revenant Power Armor as a way to prevent loss of life from severe and minor injuries sustained in battle. The result was a dense liquid that expands into a gel consistency when exposed to oxygen - whether it be from the atmosphere or the occupant's own blood.

When development was complete, the Department of Engineering incorporated the gel into the Revenant Mk II. Given its usefulness and ease of production, it has become a staple part of medical services across the New Dusk Conclave.

Function and Design

While in its container, the Sealant Gel appears to be a liquid-based substance. A typical container is cylindrical and opaque so the gel inside isn’t visible, but when exposed to oxygen, the liquid changes into gel. It provides a variety of benefits, including a localized anesthetic, disinfecting properties, and wound sealing.

Its sealing effect works against most liquids, such as blood, water, and contaminants and gases. Because of the gel’s composition, it is well suited to assist the NDC's various nanite-based medical systems, providing them with materials, nutrients, and structure to speed along a user's recovery.

After a short period in its gel form, its consistency thickens and its bond to an individual improves. It remains malleable enough to allow for easy movement, but is strong enough to withstand being rubbed against by fabric or armor. Over the course of two days, the gel harmlessly deteriorates to allow for wounds to close themselves. In severe cases, it may be necessary to reapply Sealant Gel multiple times. 1)


Mass-produced for the NDC's Power Armor, however it is also available as a standalone item.

  • Recommended Retail Prices
    • Sealant Gel, personal dispenser (1 OZ): 20 DS
    • Sealant Gel, medical issue dispenser (8 OZ): 150 DS

OOC Notes

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it’s a gel, so unless it gets rubbed onto the wound, the gel will grow, and as it does more nutrients and the effect it makes also grow, and since the gel is likely smoothed around the patient, it conforms to them.

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