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NDC Military Ranks (Fleet and Armed Forces)

Section 6 is the division of the New Dusk Conclave(NDC) which collectively represents all branches of the military. A ranking system is needed for use across all branches and has been considered somewhat unconventional - however, the NDC ranking system gets the job done.

  • Paygrade: All payouts are in Duskerian Script.
Access Tiers
Tier Perks
Full Absolute unrestricted access to all intel, equipment, resources, and restricted tech.
4 Access to all restricted tech, equipment, and resources. Only some intel dream higher than given rank is blocked.
3 Access to equipment, and resources. Intel is limited to restricted and lower, and restricted tech must have given clearance.
2 Intel is full logistics, limited access to restricted tech and resources, and all equipment is accessible.
1 Intel is basic logistics, most equipment, restricted tech that is cleared, and permitted resources are accessible.
~ Intel is need to know, and equipment is limited to basic gear.


Below here is the full information and data regarding the chain of command for ground-based forces.


Roles in the armed service are designated by a job code. This letter code is added behind the class code, which notes a soldier's rank. These together make troop rosters easy to search for officers looking for troops to fill gaps in their squads.

Job Codes
Code Designated Role
R Recon
S Sniper
H Heavy
D Demolitions
L Logistics
I Infantry
M Medic
E Engineer
T Tech Specialist
Z Mechanized
A Armor Unit
N Light Infantry
X See “W.R.A.I.T.H.S.” section.


Below is the ranking and pay chart for the NDC Armed Forces "Duskerian Legion".

Class Rank Pay Grade Perks
Upper Echelon
X7 Commander None Royal Authority & Full Access
X6 General 200,000 Full Access
X5 Executive Officer 190,000 Full Access
X4 Lt. Commander 180,000 Tier 4 Access
X3 Blade 3rd Class 170,000 Tier 4 Access
X2 Blade 2nd Class 160,000 Tier 4 Access
X1 Blade 150,000 Tier 4 Access
S7 Legion Master 140,000 Tier 3 Access
S6 Knight 3rd Class 130,000 Tier 3 Access
S5 Knight 2nd Class 120,000 Tier 3 Access
S4 Knight 110,000 Tier 3 Access
S3 Centurion 3rd Class 100,000 Tier 3 Access
S2 Centurion 2nd Class 90,000 Tier 3 Access
S1 Centurion 80,000 Tier 3 Access
Commissioned Officers
B7 Major 3rd Class 70,000 Tier 2 Access
B6 Major 2nd Class 69,000 Tier 2 Access
B5 Major 68,000 Tier 2 Access
B4 Lieutenant 3rd Class 67,000 Tier 2 Access
B3 Lieutenant 2nd Class 66,000 Tier 2 Access
B2 Lieutenant 65,000 Tier 2 Access
B1 Warrant Officer 3rd Class 64,000 Tier 2 Access
Non-Commissioned Officers
C7 Warrant Officer 2nd Class 63,000 Tier 1 Access
C6 Warrant Officer 62,000 Tier 1 Access
C5 Sergeant 3rd Class 61,000 Tier 1 Access
C4 Sergeant 2nd Class 60,000 Tier 1 Access
C3 Sergeant 55,000 Tier 1 Access
C2 Corporal 3rd Class 50,000 Tier 1 Access
C1 Corporal 2nd Class 45,000 Tier 1 Access
E7 Corporal 40,000 None
E6 Strike Trooper 3rd Class 35,000 None
E5 Strike Trooper 2nd Class 30,000 None
E4 Strike Trooper 25,000 None
E3 Trooper 3rd Class 20,000 None
E2 Trooper 2nd Class 15,000 None
E1 Trooper 10,000 None

The Navy consists of CAFF, DDN, and OSIRIS. They follow a different set of ranks due to their separation as their own branch; security, however, is listed using army ranks.

Job Code

These are how the role each person fills is listed on the New Dusk Conclave personnel registry.

Job Code Role
E Engineering
T EVA and Maintenance
Q Quartermaster
B Executive Officer
C Captain
M Medical Officer
S Security
BW Bridge: Weapons
BC Bridge: Comms
BS Bridge: Sensors
BH Bridge: Helm
BN Bridge: Navigation


Here is the listing of all of the obtainable ranks in the New Dusk Conclave fleet and associated naval forces.

Class Rank Pay Grade Perks
Upper Echelon
Z7 Commander 190,000 Royal Authority & Full Access
Z6 Vice Admiral 180,000 Full Access
Z5 Logistics Executive Officer 170,000 Tier 4
Z4 Security Executive Officer 170,000 Tier 4
Z3 Personnel Executive Officer 170,000 Tier 4
Z2 Tactical Executive Officer 170,000 Tier4
Z1 Admiral 160,000 Tier 4
G7 Captain 150,000 Tier 4
G6 Executive Officer 140,000 Tier 3
G5 Lt. Commander 130,000 Tier 3
G4 Chief Logistics Officer 120,000 Tier 3
G3 Chief Tactical Officer 120,000 Tier 3
G2 Chief Engineer 120,000 Tier 3
G1 Chief Medical Officer 120,000 Tier 3
Non-Commission Officers
F7 Master Chief Petty Officer 110,000 Tier 2
F6 Ward Officer 100,000 Tier 2
F5 Chief Petty Officer 90,000 Tier 2
F4 Lead Engineer 80,000 Tier 2
F3 Security 80,000 Tier 2
F2 Medical Officer 80,000 Tier 2
F1 Logistics Officer 80,000 Tier 2
H7 Petty Officer 70,000 Tier 1
H6 Enlisted Executive Officer 60,000 Tier 1
H5 Landsman 2nd Grade 50,000 Tier 1
H4 Landsman 40,000 Tier 1
H3 Ensign 3rd Grade 30,000 Tier 1
H2 Ensign 2nd Grade 20,000 Tier 1
H1 Ensign 10,000 Tier 1
H0 Cadet 2,000 None
~ Civilian Dependant1) None

Placement Codes and Registry Systems

This is the code system that marks a person's placement amongst the numerous ships within the New Dusk Conclave Navy or their position in the chain of command for those in the Section 6 Army.

Here is the registry system used by the New Dusk Conclave Navy.

Example: F1S12-S2

Code Explanation

  • F1: Fleet (F) 12), or in the case of the defense network (D) with number annotating planet. Space stations are (X), with number annotating planet.
  • S12: The 12th designated ship (S) in the listed fleet, or in case of defense platform (P).
  • -S2: Shuttle (S) 2, or if assigned to a fighter (F), F2. This marks which light craft (if any) the person is assigned to.

Manifest Listing

Here is an example of how New Dusk Conclave personnel are listed on the fleet roster.

Class Code Job Code Clearance Name Placement Code
G7 C T4 Kessler Ryzka F0S1


Here is the registry system for the New Dusk Conclave army - which is much simpler then the one used by the navy.

Roster Listing Example
Class Code Job Code Name Access Tier
C3 I Mark Tazar Tier 1

Mark Tazar is a Sergeant (C3), who fills the role of Infantry (I), and has Tier 1 access to military assets and intel.

Special Forces & Special Task Groups

Here is information regarding differences in clearance, parade, and ranking of all task forces and special forces groups in New Dusk Conclave.


The true elite of New Dusk Conclave, these men and woman are trained and skilled. They are tasked to go into areas, complete objectives, or gather intel in scenarios that require finesse. These agents are not limited to one role and are required to operate in very low numbers - if not alone - to do the job unless gathering local help.


  • Rank: S1-X4, N1-7
  • Access: Tiers 2-4


  • Pay: +20,000 DS
  • Access: Increased to Tier 4
Elite Ranks
Class Rank Paygrade Access
R7 Reaper 200,000 Tier 4
R6 Apostle 180,000 Tier 4
R5 Spectre 160,000 Tier 4
R4 Shade 140,000 Tier 4
R3 Ghost 3rd Grade 130,000 Tier 4
R2 Ghost 2nd Grade 120,000 Tier 4
R1 Ghost 110,000 Tier 4
R0 Initiate 100,000 Tier 3


S.A.B.E.R is the special forces branch of New Dusk Conclave. They are the elite forces of the military and are experienced veterans or those recognized for duty above and beyond. New members admitted to this prestigious group are awarded the rank of Initiate until they are fully accepted after 20 days or perform an action that earns a permanent rank.


  • Rank: B1-S7
  • Access: Tiers 2-3


  • Pay: +10,000 DS
  • Access: Increased to Tier 3
Elite Ranks
Class Rank Paygrade
N7 Legend 180,000
N6 Guardian 3rd Class 170,000
N5 Guardian 2nd Class 160,000
N4 Guardian 150,000
N3 Phalanx 3rd Class 135,000
N2 Phalanx 2nd Class 120,000
N1 Phalanx 105,000
N0 Initiate 100,000


O.S.I.R.I.S. is a special task group of the Navy focused around doing dangerous recon sorties, planetary and orbital strikes, eliminating spaceborne HVTs, or extremely dangerous hostile assets.


  • Rank: F5-G7
  • Access: Tiers 2-3


  • Pay: +10,000 DS
  • Access: Increased to Tier 3
Elite Ranks
Class Rank Paygrade
O7 Javelin 180,000
O6 Lance 170,000
O5 Spear 2nd grade 160,000
O4 Spear 150,000
O3 Arrow 3rd Grade 135,000
O2 Arrow 2nd Grade 120,000
O1 Arrow 105,000
O0 Initiate 100,000


The Biohazard Rapid Response Force is a task force of scientists and soldiers that have been gathered to deal with bioweapons and biohazards. New Dusk Conclave had more than a few incidents they got roped into and enemies that used unethical means of fighting. Psychopomp LLC and Hades were two such groups; thankfully Hades was eliminated in short order after the death of their leader and the mastermind behind their operations, Thomas. The virus carried by Parasite-Type Mishhuvurthyar has also been a struggle, as one of their members was a carrier. She died during the exodus in mid to late YE40. It was clear after she turned and infected two other members of Bravo Team and made them carriers that a solution was desperately needed. The BRRF was that answer.


  • Rank: Any rank
  • Access: Tiers 2-3


  • Pay: +10,000 DS
  • Access: Increased to Tier 3
Class Rank Paygrade
V7 Harbinger 180,000
V6 Jackal 3rd Grade 170,000
V5 Jackal 2nd Grade 160,000
V4 Jackal 150,000
V3 Harvester 3rd Grade 135,000
V2 Harvester 2nd Grade 120,000
V1 Harvester 105,000
V0 Recruit 100,000

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