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New Dusk Conclave Fleet Production Capacity

This article serves to track the NDC's ability to create and maintain ships. This is an OOC resource.

The NDC currently has 4 systems in its territory and 3 corporations, each of which affects the NDC's available shipyards:

Item Maximum Number Notes
NDC Shipyards 40
BWE Shipyards 12
Mining Guild Shipyards 12
Noval Shipyards 12(→18) 3 are Sunavi Corporation yards managed by Noval with a 5% cut for Sunavi
Total 76(82)

For a guideline on how these shipyards impact build times, see Military Buildup Limitations: Building Times.

Current Fleet Capacity

Item Maximum Number Actual Number
Huge Space Stations 4 ?
Shipyards 40 ?
System Defense Platforms 100 ?
Capital Ships 400 15
Other Warships 600 123
Military Support Ships 1000 ?
Additional Small Craft 100,000 ?

OOC Notes

Whisper created this article on 2020/04/19 22:28.

🚧 This article is a work-in-progress. Is it not currently approved.

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