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The Starbreaker is a new line of AI fighter class Starship, meant to support New Dusk Conclave's fleet. It was built in late YE 41 and later put into use in early YE 42

About the Ship

The Starbreaker was a class of Starfighters meant to supplement and support the other starships of the Duskerian Legion. The Starbreaker Fighter spacecraft is programmed with pilot skills necessary to pilot an aircraft, but because of its AI-based origins, it is capable of fast reaction time, and great adaptability common in most species. It was because it was a proven fact that it takes a while to train flesh and blood troops, though Yamatai had found a way to do it, the other factions have yet to do so, but Synthetics, specifically AI can circumvent this because they can be programmed with what they need to know.1)

Key Features

As an AI centered fighter starships, the Starbreaker and others in its ‘Wing’ have the benefit of a fast reaction time, which stops them from freezing when in a battle. They know what to do, so they can easily make quick decisions that will gain them victory. The pilots come born and ready to fight because they were AI, artificial intelligence. The Starbreakers are meant to supplement and support the other pilots in battle.

Mission Specialization

The Starbreaker is a fighter starship that can be used in a battle, to attack opponents pecking at their shields trying to damage their armor, in order to cause damage to the structure of the ships they are attacking, and they can be ordered to defend planets or stations as well


Each Starbreaker fighter sports a sleek aerodynamic design with an arrow head type front end, similar to the Sparrows, but with a static, stiff wings which don’t move at all even during travel. The wings pointed back in reverse of the Sparrow’s wings. The wings were a little thicker than Sparrow’s wings, in order to support the weapons that’s attached to it. There is no cockpit apparent to the fighter starship, but there are weapons visible, such as S6-TBOM "Swarm" Rocket Pod System on either side of the undercarriage of the ship, and a singular barrel of Hades Tricannon right at the center. When in battle mode, the wings can open up to reveal a S6-TLAC "Cavalry" within each wing, though load-outs can be changed.

History and Background

Nyx Pine came up with the Starbreaker class of Starship while watching as the pilots of the Fleet and the Duskerian Legion Support trained their skills. She grew concerned for the length of time these living pilots were taking for their training, and while she had a love for living beings such as her girlfriend, she had grown further concerned about how long it would take to grow their military as well as their reaction times. For the duration in which that the New Dusk Conclave needed new pilots, an idea popped into her mind.

She came up with something that was controlled by an AI, which could be a fighter starship; something that she hoped would supplement the fighter starships, but not replace them. She used the time at her disposal, when not on duty or a date with a certain Separa’shan

Statistics and Performance



  • Length: 25.06 meters (82.22 feet)
  • Width: 15.58 meters (51.12 feet)
  • Height: 4.85 meters (15.91 feet)

Propulsion and Range

  • Sublight Engines (Space): .41c
  • Sublight Engines (Atmosphere): Mach 5
  • Range: 5 days
  • Lifespan: 10 years before modules need to be replaced or updated.
  • Refit Cycle: 2 years

Damage Capacity

DRv3 Tier rating

Hull: Tier 8, medium Anti-Mecha

Shields: Tier 8 Elextro magnetic field surrounding the ship, [Bubble]

Inside the ship

Because of its AI centered design, there is, in fact, no cockpit for anyone to sit in it. But during the maintenance work, the AI can unlock the hull which can be lifted, to allow the technicians their access to the inside of the Starship’s machinery, which is a whole mess of wiring and Starship and AI components in strategic places. To protect these parts, there are hard light platforms that the technicians can kneel on so they aren’t causing accidental damage to the systems and the Starbreakers at large.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Starbreaker’s hull structure is composed of a combination Durandium and Aggregated Diamond Nanorods and a gel.

The gel is flexible, easy to work into layers, and can fill in space between layers; because of its state of matter, the gel is also very resistant to kinetic forces -as the force of an impact is simply absorbed and spread outward by the jiggly substance. The gel is resistant to excess energy exposure (including magnetic) due to being composed of silicon-based materials and traces of rubber-like matter; it is not, however, immune to electromagnetic pulse weapons - it's simply more resistant than usual. Lastly, the gel is highly absorbent to heat - and will radiate it off over time - due to the properties of its state of matter and composition.

Computers and Electronics

The Starbreaker is a modified Eve type AI. With the additional subroutines and programming of a Pawn type AI. Nyx hoped that by adding something familiar like the Eve AI and her capabilities to be an adaptive AI, with the skills of a Pawn type AI that the fighter would be effective in battle. With the added benefits of the Pawn type, she had to add the Pawn type Sensors

Power Systems

A total of 6 plasma based power core, plugged into the main drive system and an accompanying coolant system to keep them at optimal temperatures, acts as the Starbreaker's main power source. It can last up to two weeks without replacement of the cores, but will be without power once the cores have lost charge. However, a backup bank of three PowerPaks, have been installed into the AI compartment in case of if this were to occur, to ensure the AI is still operational at minimal power as to prevent corruption of data. Thus, this allows it to remain active until the unit can be retrieved later.


The Starbreakers use the Helix Plasma Engines to propel them through space during an attack, but they can also perform fast about-face rotations to attack the ships attacking them from behind.

Shield Systems

The Starbreakers are protected by not only its hard armor but also by a Paladin Barrier System to delay damage to its systems.

Weapons Systems

Here are the separate optional payloads for the Starbreaker.

Loadout: Bombardment

Bombardment loadout is for bombing and laying down ordinance, which includes structures on a planet, or making hits on stations.

  • S6-TBOM "Swarm" Rocket Pod System: 42), DR Tier 6 loaded onto extendable racks under the wings. They are kept close to the AI core when in standby, but slid out for fly by rocket deployment and bombardment operations.
  • S6-TLAC "Cavalry": 2, DR Tier 7 inside the wings

Loadout: Strike

Strike loadout mainly shoots the guns and making gun runs on specific targets, or in space harassing ships.

OOC Notes

Charaa created this article on 2019/10/11 22:38.

Thank you to Jack Pine who also assisted me with this article.

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