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S6-MSF "Sparrow" Modular Fighter

The Sparrow is a starfighter whose modularity and customizability allow it to fulfill any role ever meant for a small fightercraft. It was designed and built by Section 6 in the middle of YE 40.

About the Ship

Section 6 realized they needed a cheap yet effective option for fighters - one that they could easily slap replacement parts onto when damaged and swap loadouts (and entire systems) in and out of for any occasion. The Sparrow was that answer - as every part of it can be easily swapped out or replaced within minutes.

Key Features

The Sparrow is the first of its kind - a fighter whose every component and system can be swapped out or replaced with ease. The entire craft is modular from prow to aft.

Mission Specialization

The Sparrow is well-rounded at just about every role a fighter can fulfill due to its modular ability to switch parts as needed.

  • Cheap & Mass-Producible Attack Craft.
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Configure


The Sparrow has a distinctive arrowhead shape that is rather blocky in a few areas; the cockpit and main engines are on the top half of the arrowhead, while secondary engines and other equipment are below the arrowhead. The fighter also has four reverse delta wings that fold close to the hull when in space; in an atmospheric environment, however, they flip outwards to aid in maneuverability.

Wings Folded In
Wings Flipped Out

History and Background

In YE 40 Section 6 realized it needed a more cost-effective air support unit that could be made to fit whatever role needed and be easy to repair and maintain. The Section 6 Fleet Development Department got together and went through design concept after design concept; finally, in YE 40, they had come up with an answer: the S6-MSF “Sparrow”, which fit all of the aforementioned criteria due to being composed entirely of a system of modules that could be swapped out within a short period of time with minimal effort. The Sparrow will finish testing soon and be pushed into service.

Statistics and Performance

Below are the general performance values of the S6-MSF “Sparrow”.


Below is general information about the Sparrow.


Below is the Sparrow's passenger capacity.

  • Crew: 1 is required, but there are accommodations for 2 crew.
  • Maximum Capacity: There are only accommodations for 2 people.


Below are the physical dimensions of the Sparrow.

  • Length: 20 meters (65.6 feet)
  • Width: 15 meters (59.2 feet)
  • Height: 5 meters (16.4 feet)

Propulsion and Range

Below are the Sparrow's performance values, based on propulsion and quality of construction.

  • Sublight Engines (Space): 0.400c
  • Sublight Engines (Atmosphere): Mach 5
  • Range: 5 days
  • Lifespan: 10 years before modules need to be replaced or updated.
  • Refit Cycle: 2 years

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • DRv3 Tier: Tier 7, Light Mecha

Inside the Ship

The cockpit is a tight two-seater setup and features the most advanced user interface Section 6 has. Both seats are gel-padded and equipped with five-point harnesses and ejection systems, while the controls themselves consist of two joysticks plus the usual controls one would typically find on a starfighter's control console; lastly, information is displayed on the console screens and across a HUD integrated into the fighter's Graphene canopy.

Ship Systems

The following sections contain details about the various subsystems found onboard the S6-MSF “Sparrow”.

Armored Hull and Hull-Integrated Systems

The Sparrow's hull consists of a combination of Durandium, Graphene, and a gel that is resistant to heat, energy, and kinetic-based damage. The gel is flexible, easy to work into layers, and can fill in space between layers; because of its state of matter, the gel is also very resistant to kinetic forces -as the force of an impact is simply absorbed and spread outward by the jiggly substance. The gel is resistant to excess energy exposure (including magnetic) due to being composed of silicon-based materials and traces of rubber-like matter; it is not, however, immune to electromagnetic pulse weapons - it's simply more resistant than usual. Lastly, the gel is highly absorbent to heat - and will radiate it off over time - due to the properties of its state of matter and composition.

Computers and Electronics

The S6-MSF uses a cluster of scale datapads to monitor and assist the pilot in controlling the craft and monitoring its systems. An EVE AI handles all of the craft's software needs and allows the craft to be autonomous if desired; optionally, a small unarmed drone - that allows the AI to leave the craft to follow its pilot - can be equipped.

Life Support Systems

A pair of Liquid Ally function as the Sparrow's life support systems; one is under each chair in the cockpit, both are remotely controlled, and each provides enough oxygen to support a single person for approximately one month without needing to be cleaned - though both of the Liquid Ally need to be let out to play every so often.


The Sparrow has various options for propulsion systems, but still uses RCS sub-thrusters for maneuvering. There are three main engines with multiple options for which propulsion type/system to use for those three engines.

  • Plasma Rotor Engines
  • Ion Engines
  • Fusion Engines


The S6-MSF uses 10 Small Optical Sensors spaced around and integrated into the hull for basic optical and thermal detection.

Shield Systems

The Sparrow uses a slightly upscaled version of a power armor shield system to provide a protective shield around the ship to defend against attacks.

Weapons Systems

The Sparrow, thanks to its modular construction and design, does not have a set loadout; instead, it has 5 primary weapon slots and 2 secondary weapon slots. The primary weapon slots can fit normal starfighter weapons, while the secondary weapon slots can only fit the larger weapons a craft of this size could typically carry.

Hard Points
Type Location
Primary Nose
Primary Mid-Wing1)
Primary Near Wingtips2)
Secondary Underside of Hull3)

Available Weapons

Below are the available weapon systems that can be fitted into the various weapon slots on the Sparrow. Only one weapon system can be equipped per slot.


The following weapons can be fitted into the Sparrow's primary weapon slots. The number next to each one on the list notes how many will fit in each slot.

Galactic Horizon
Section 6


The following weapons can be fitted into the Sparrow's secondary weapon slots. The number next to each one on the list notes how many will fit in each slot.

Galactic Horizon
  • 1x Cargo Pod
  • 1x Ordinance Rack

OOC Notes

Jack Pine created this article on 2018/07/26 07:05; Frostjaeger [|approved]] it (using the checklist) on 2018/09/07 06:45.

1) , 2) , 3)
1 on either side of the Sparrow equals 2 hardpoints overall.
Includes autoloader.
Per individual S6-MWS1-MAVERICK.
Per individual S6-KAS "Hailstorm".
Per individual S6-HAR1-1 Storm Rifle.
Includes autoloaders for each individual Orbit Jumper Missile System.

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