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S6 Travel Backpack

The S6 Travel backpack is a Backpack used by the S6, or New Dusk conclave beginning in YE 41.

The S6 Travel backpack costs 49DS and is available from any NDC approved retailer.


The S6 Travel backpack came into existence with the need for S6 personnel’s need for something that allowed them to carry multiple items when they didn’t have the pockets for it. They had some inspiration from the Nepleslian military backpacks, and eventually as technology advanced and new material were discovered, they were able to create their own travel backpacks. With the emergence of the New Dusk conclave, the s6 backpacks were brought over.


The S6 travel backpack is made primarily of Polyester with graphene threading, and graphene inserts for their durability of effect in hopes of prolonging the usage of the travel backpack due to the effects of the elements prevalent on certain planets that the wearer might be either stationed on or traveling through. it features twin adjustable and padded shoulder straps which ensures that the backpack sits upon the wearers back comfortably, and reducing the strain on the back. The padded and contoured back of the backpack was made to follow the natural shape of the wearer’s lower back, which added to the comfort of carrying the bag, which ensures no back pain. The primary entrance to the backpack is at the top, opened by a zipper, that can be hidden by a cloth that is held into place by Velcro-like items.

The travel backpack standard to Section 6, is Red with black coloring.


The primary usage of the s6 travel backpack is in its name, as a backpack meant to carry more than one item that the user needs. in order to travel from place to place. It’s a standard item as part of the S6 Military, and nonmilitary citizens available items. The correct way to wear the item is on the back, with the straps looping around the wearer’s arm to the front. To clean use standard approved cleaning techniques.

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