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Bulwark Multi-Role Star Base

The Bulwark-class star base is a modular system intended to be used in multiple roles, including but not limited to orbital defense, command & control, and resupply & repair facility.

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About the Facility

Designed and manufactured in YE 34, the Bulwark was born out of the need for more modern space facilities for the NSN. It is a modular design, with interchangeable blocks to allow for various combinations. This allows the star base to perform any number of duties. Even without any modules, the Bulwark is a tough fortress to crack, bristling with point defense weapons and capable targeting systems.

Key Features

  • Modular external blocks
  • Adaptable and practical design


The Bulwark's core is its central spinal column which houses the essential areas, such as crew quarters and power systems. Surrounding the central column are four other rectangular columns which serve to reinforce the central column and act as storage areas. At the top, middle and bottom of these vertical columns, there are circular rings connected to the main superstructure and serve as the juncture between the main base and the modular blocks. Each block is pentagonal in shape and differs in appearance depending on function.

History and Background

Given the lack of modern space facilities, and unwilling to concede the contract to any private arms manufacturer, NAM Aerotech began work on the Bulwark in early YE 34 and completed their design in July of that year. Given the various needs of the four combat fleets as well as the other Corps in the SMDIoN, NAM engineers and architects decided to focus on adaptability to allow each command to fashion star base configurations that fit their needs.

By the end of YE 35, Nepleslian Bulwarks were positioned in every Nepleslian territory and production of Bulwarks was continuing.

Statistics and Performance


Class: Na-P1
Type: Star Base Designers: NAM Aerotech
Manufacturer: NAM Aerotech
Production: Mass Production
Fielded by: Nepleslian Star Navy


Crew: 400 operators are recommended, 200 are required.

  • 50+ Command
  • 75+ Operations
  • 75+ Engineering & Maintenance
  • 25+ Medical
  • 50+ Security (Marines)

Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 600 people. About 6000 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the base would be extremely cramped and most would have to sleep wherever they can find space.


Diameter: Central Spine - 250 meters (820 feet)
Block to block - 750m (2460 feet)
Height: 1000 meters (3280 feet)
Decks: 5m each (16 feet each)


Lifespan: 20 years
Refit Cycle: Once a year

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 2) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 75 SP (Starship)
  • Module: 15 SP each
  • Shields: 75 SP (Threshold 5)

Inside the Ship

Deck Layout

There is a command deck at the top of the star base, on the same level as the upper-most ring junction. Subsequent decks are used for crew housing, recreation, and amenities. Decks near the middle ring are used mainly as storage areas for spare parts, ammunition, and other consumables. Decks near the bottom ring are used for engineering equipment storage and housing the base's power supply systems.

Compartment Layouts


There is an armory located in the central spine and in each ring. These are fully stocked armories with hundreds of personal weapons, explosives and equipment. Smaller weapons lockers are located in key areas of the base, such as Engineering, the command deck.


The bridge is located on the command deck and controls all base operations. It also acts as a Combat Information Center, processing information of all incoming and outgoing vessels. In peace time, it can be pretty dull just watching ships come and go. In combat, however, the bridge is the locus from which all combat commands are issued and vital to the base's military contribution.

An auxiliary bridge is located between the central and lower ring. It can be accessed by any senior NCO or officer who knows the entry code.

Officers' Suites

Officers assigned to the base, or just visiting, are assigned to a suite. Each suite, save for three designated for flag officers, can accommodate four officers comfortably. Each comes with a central living area, a bathroom, and two rooms with two beds each.

Flag officer suites are designed similarly except assign a single officer to each room instead of two.

Cargo Storage Areas

Storage areas are located in the four external columns and on the decks nearest the central ring junction. These are used to house consumables such as ammunition, spare parts, surplus equipment, and food. Since one of the intended roles of the Bulwark is to be a resupply depot, maintaining a large stock of surplus consumables is key.

There are also storage areas near the lower engineering decks which house the tools and machinery needed for any and every situation.

Crew Cabins

Crew cabins are located between the middle and upper ring junctions in the central spine. Each cabin features accommodations for six crewmembers. Each crewman has a drawer and a closet for clothing, personal effects, and weapons. These cabins are smaller than officers' suites and are not intended to be used as work areas or recreational areas.

Enlisted crewmen must use communal bathrooms.

Crew Recreation

Recreational lounges are provided for the crew on the same decks as their living quarters. There are multiple lounges, with usually one on each deck as the crew cabins. Each one is decorated by the crew who live on the deck, adding a unique personality to each lounge. All of them are stocked with video games, snacks, drinks (alcoholic and otherwise), movies and music disks. Hosting a party in a lounge is not uncommon since clean up is always done by Junkers

There are two gymnasiums with dozens of work out machines in each half of the base.


Located around the lower ring junction, Engineering is where the base's primary, secondary and emergency power generators are stored.

Maintenance Conduits

Maintenance conduits run along the four external columns and lead into every deck. They are hot and dry but not unbearably so, unless in there for a long time and climbing up for dozens of decks.

Medical Centers

The Bulwark has two medical centers, located in the upper and lower halves of the base. Each center is a small hospital, capable of supporting up to 50 patients each. They are well stocked with the latest medicines and equipped with first rate equipment. Both centers feature a small operating theatre along with the necessary tools. A doctor and a nurse are on duty at each center at all times.


Passageways on the Bulwark are usually spacious and large, owing to the fact that many of the crew may be ID-SOLs. Their greater height and mass require more space to be allotted for their personal convenience.

Power Armor Bays

Power Armor is stored in a separate hangar module. See Bulwark Modules

Shuttle Bays

Power Armor is stored in a separate hangar module. See Bulwark Modules


An officer's wardroom is located below the command deck. It acts as an informal meeting area for officers to relax and socialize when off-duty. Like the crew lounges, it is well stocked with recreational items.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

See Damage Rating (Version 2) for more info on damage ratings

The Bulwark's core frame is made from Nerimium and reinforced by layers of plated Durandium Alloy. The outer hull is plated with Nerimium, atop which a coating of leptonium is applied. In addition to the leptonium, NAM Aggressive Armor is added to the central columns.

Modules are less well armored, being made only of a Nerimium frame and layers of plated Durandium Alloy.

Power Supply

These fusion reactor are cooled by a network of Na-C3-G3102 grids.

Computers and Electronics

The Bulwark has powerful ACE (Command) AI computer cores with redundant backups should the mains fail or go offline.


Emergency Systems

In the event of an emergency, look for the nearest life pod. There are a dozen per deck.

Life Support Systems

The Bulwark's life support systems feature air purification systems, atmospheric scrubbers and recycling equipment as well as a waste collection system. It also includes water purification, recycling and creation to extend the amount of time it can go without resupply. In the event of a main system failure, a redundant backup system capable of supporting the crew's basic needs, would kick in.

Shield Systems

The Bulwark features advanced CXS and Combined Barrier System (Nepleslia) systems to protect itself from any external attack. Base modules may feature their own shielding systems but do not encompass the entire base as these systems do.

Weapons Systems

See Bulwark Modules for module weapons stats. All PDWs are located in retractable mountings, allowing the weapons to pop up at a moment's notice or hide away and give the appearance of defenselessness.

Vehicle Complement

Dependent on hangar modules.

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