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Nepleslian Business

The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia is one of the largest centers of non-government commerce in the sector. As most of the oldest inhabited worlds in the area are members of the Imperium, and thanks to the naturally industrious nature of the Nepleslian people, Nepleslia and her subordinate worlds have become root for a large number of corporate entities and other forms of business over the years. All of these business trade primarily in Davis Alliances (DA) and are based in Nepleslia.

OOC Note: If you have an idea for a Nepleslian corporation or business, shoot one of the Nep FMs Gunhand4171 or Ametheliana a message about your idea. They would absolutely love to hear it.


Entertainment can be found below:


Here is the food of Nepleslia:


Here is some of the industry of Nepleslia: * Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials


Below are some manufacturing companies.


Below is the leading cybernetic enhancements in Nepleslia:


Here are some of the security forces of Nepleslia;


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