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A Brief Cultural History of Nepleslia

The culture of Nepleslia is extremely diverse, with a history spanning thousands of years.

Its chief early influence was one of brutality at the hands of a ruthless alien species that ruled the planet. These early years proved critical in the foundation of Nepleslian culture, as human colonists (predecessors of the Nepleslians) and aliens interbred, leading to genetic variation still present in the gene pool today.

After a period of subjugation lasting a few thousand years, one in which violence, crime and war defined the way of life, humanity revolted, overthrowing their alien oppressors and winning their independence.

From this came the birth of the Uesureyan Empire, which would later split from Nepleslia to colonize the planet Geshrintall (Yamatai) and grow into the modern day Yamatai Star Empire.

Nepleslia, left to its own devices, continued to develop along a violent path, spawned from the fractionalization of its population into large gang forces. Many Nepleslians belonged to one of the five major color-coded syndicates: the Reds, Greens, The Black Syndicate, Yellows and Blues.

However, with Nepleslia’s declaration of independence in YE 28 came the rise to power of the Greens. Nepleslia, experiencing its first completely centralized government, would undergo an unforeseen stabilization, which has driven the need this document to be created.

As time progressed, Nepleslia found itself beset by the Reds, who supported a closer relationship to the YSE than the Greens. There was an incident in YE 29 when Hanako showed up and somehow precipitated a turf war, ending with the Greens fighting the Reds. This was finally settled by a military confrontation of the two factions at Kennewes, which saw the Greens triumphant. The Kennewes Offensive was the proving grounds for the top of Nepleslia's officers. It furthered signaled the end of an era as the Nepleslian Star Empire transformed into the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Also in YE 29, Hanako came to ask for Nepleslia's help against the SMX/NMX with a battle station. The reply was a firm refusal. The next day, the NMX occupied Nepleslia's southern frontier, effectively dragging it into the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. The NMX infiltrated Planet Nepleslia after a saboteur had lowered its defenses and launched an invasion in YE 32. The Senate was destroyed and most Senators were killed while the planet was under siege by NMX ground forces. It was here when the emergency measure of a military government was passed, empowering Nepleslia's Grand Admirals with control over the government.

Years later and the senate has been rebuilding for years and is strong and capable under the leadership of Sky MarshalGaelan Sanders. In YE 39 the NSS Inquiry came face to face with a new enemy: the Elefirn. The fleets were reconfigured primarily under Violetta De Luca and Barrett Valke and the war was to begin!

The nation's history of violent conflict has bred a mentality of macho manliness, independence and crazy awesome that created the most unique faction in the galaxy. Nepleslians can always be depended to have a gun, a witty remark and an idea of how to make something better.

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