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Examples of Nepleslian Pop Culture

Nepleslian have a very big space in their hearts for heroes and villians from action movies, TV shows, video games and other mass media. Occasionally, people will take names from the various aforementioned mediums for use in conversation, jokes, anecdotes, and more.

Heroes and Villians of Cinema

Nick Steele

A Galaxy-trotting Super Spy, reliant on gadgetry, his wits and charm to slip by and foil many evil plans. There's a series of 17 movies out, and plenty of fiction, and other bits and pieces

Dave the Marine

A series of straight-up action films of a Nepleslian Marine who only goes by the name 'Dave'. His various adventures include Escape from Kenewwes (Film 1), Knee-Deep in Mishhu (2) and The End of Freedom (3). A few games have been released as movie-tie ins with generally favourable reviews.

Every Nep's TV Show/Music


An annual contest held to see which Nepleslian Woman has the best tits. Has been running for about 5 years with very high ratings.


Does what it says on the label. The name is commonly used as a silly threat.



My Aetherical Loving

A Series of Cascade Catastrophes

The Difference Engine was a key breakthrough in probability mechanics, allowing the subtle creation of favourable event (or “luck”) fields. However, it was soon realized (after the near collapse of a major research facility) that with the proper tinkering this device can be used to create an inverted favourable event field, which can cause catastrophic cascade failures to anything or anyone in its range. Watch what happens when we deploy some of these in Nepleslia with a hidden film crew!

Special Holidays of the Year

Lewis Pasco Day

A gun swapping holiday has never been so much fun. Some soldiers and commanders will say: “Make like Lewis Pasco and SWAP GUNS!”

The Sporty Game


Fans of this game who like to play regular Dodgeball often refer to the ball as a Thumper, along with other spherical, blunt and hard objects that move at ridiculously dangerous speeds.

Fury Derby

People often idolise Biff Vanderhuge and his Muscle Car, often putting mechanical arms on the side of their cars. Ted Cannibal’s Meatwagon is also paid homage to by people by strapping giant bear traps on their cars. One guy has a car covered in lots of little ones.

Naked Orbital Reentry

A self-explanatory Spacer Sport. The non-Lamer version of competitive diving. One of the few sports in the galaxy where winning and dying aren't mutually exclusive. It’s usually suggested to annoying people.

InterNep Celebrities

The Dead Man

A fellow who is going to die, once someone finds out just where the hell he lives. He drew attention by ranting against every faction known to the universe and more. Hunts are held annually to go looking for him, although he insists that he’s in Funky City.

“Who touched my Gun!?”

A man with a really, really long Rifle who has been wondering who put their grubby meathooks on his prized gun. He vows to beat the crap out of the person who did. Once he does do that, he finds that someone else has touched his gun too, and they will meet the same fate.

Video Game Franchises


A children’s game with an explosives-obsessed flea that is out to bring down the house, literally. It has been observed to be a very good stress reliever, with numerous office staff having it installed on their computers. Office folks commonly discuss how they blew up a certain house (Which is random on each playthrough).

Tankman Dan

A popular arcade game with lots of tanks and shooting. Some soldiers who are part time gamers yell out: “LET’S DO IT LIKE TANKMAN DAN!!” before charging into combat.

Phalanx Phillip

A series of toys and computer games from those crazies at the CESIA. Powered Armour Soldiers often refer to themselves as a group as “Phils”, after the toy. For example: “We need some Phils/Joes over here!”


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