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Kennewes University

Kennewes University (more commonly known as Kennewes U) is a prestigious militant school, founded in YE 27 on Kennewes, though it has been heavily damaged and rebuilt on more than one occasion. There is lots of support for the more military friendly activities, such as rifle teams, and heavy contact sports, but there is also a strict focus on excellence in the academic side of things.

  • Approximate student population: 27,000 student, graduate and undergraduate combined.


Kennewes U has an especially good history program in place, though the real specialty is military history. This is made even more special (and hands-on) by the presence of so many military artifacts scattered around the planet, leading to a solid archaeology department as well (though their forays tend to recover much more recent materials and objects than normal archaeologists.

Major Schools

  • Kennewes School of History
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Management
  • School of Linguistics
  • College of Medicine and Psychology

Sports "The Tigers"

There is a very active series of sports programs at Kennewes U, with the main focus being on the Rifle Squad. It's broken down into two sections, the performance and drill team, and the competition shooting team, who specialize in marksmanship and speed in firing competitions.

The focus isn't solely on rifles though, just primarily. Other physical sports are always in favor with the sports dean, though which one in particular changes pretty regularly.

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