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Synthtrash is a genre of Nepleslian music, primarily focused around Funky City. Its unique and obtuse specifications has kept it far from the mainstream light, though a few popular Synthtrash bands have appeared in recent times. Recently, Synthtrash has been divided into different Subgenres, which constantly fight to claim they're the real Synthtrash genre.

The genre is known for combining Eastern Nepleslian techno, Progressive Rock instrumentation, brass instruments and rhythm from Funk rock, and the rough production and brutality of Death Metal. This varying style of music has been described by an (anonymous) classical musician as a “Complete Clusterf*.” Synthtrash, as genre breaking as it is, follows a very simple chorus/verse formula, however complicated by odd time signatures and varying tempos.

Lyrically, Synthtrash songs follow a pattern of a tongue in cheek, often rapped or crooned in a falsetto voice set to funk during the verses, and switching to death metal growls, heavy distortion, and low drop tunings on the choruses. The subject matter is typically either Political, or Sexual, with both occasionally overlapping. (See: See the Kitties Run: Fuck the Upperclass in the Ass)

Origin of Synthtrash

Synthtrash got its start in the poorer districts of Funky City, where typically bands took what instruments they could find and work from there. The earliest form of modern Synthtrash was made by the Motherfuckers, originally a punk group, melded with a big-band jazz group the 50th Street Kings, creating the 50th Street Motherfuckers Soon, they adopted death metal style playing into the group, using synthesizer guitars and basses to easily drop tune between the lighter, funkier playing and the brutal death metal. Soon, the Jazz group began to lower in pitch, using Contrabass Saxophones and Clarinets in their last album before disbanding.

In their wake, imitators sprung up, and several years after 50th Street Motherfuckers were birthed, at least several hundred reported Synthtrash bands were playing in clubs (and garages) around Funky City.

Different Genres inside Synthtrash

Downtrash : Synthtrash which forgoes the synthesized guitars and bass guitars in favor of fully downtuned instruments. Popular bands in the genre include : Didgeridoo, Loony Bin, Toaster Oven, and The Funbags. Funktrash: Synthtrash which focuses more on the Funk aspect of the music, often including organs, chorus groups, and synthesized drums. Popular bands include: Soul, Bad Battery, and Electric Crossing. Ambient Trash: Synthtrash played at an extremely slow, depressive beat. Often includes Bullroarers, Didgeridoos, and customized percussion which typically includes sheets of corrugated metal. Popular bands are: I for an eye, Doll Doll Doll, and Tumor. Speedthrash: Synthtrash inspired by Aethersperm. Typically also considered a performance art above all, due to the immense stage theatrics, which often include: Pyrotechnics, Live Gladiator fights, Spoken word poetry, and Exotic Dancing. One of the few genres of music in which you need special permission to preform, due to the need for specially constructed sets and safety measures. More often than not, a performance of Speedthrash often results in casualties and/or injuries to the audience. Often includes acoustic guitars, mandolins, ukuleles and banjos, Popular bands include: Morbid Obesity, The “Awk” word, All Neko Trash Must Die.

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