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IPG Britva MK II Light Powered Armor

History and Background:

Sometimes, a Power Armor is just a little too extreme for a delicate combat operation, and sometimes a kevlar vest is just too little. The leadership of the IPG decided they needed a middle ground. Thus, they turned once again to the twisted geniuses of X-Tech. Shortly after the beginning of YE 30, they received exactly what they were asking for in the Britva. However, while the original Britva was effective, the IPG needed more in the way of stealth than was being supplied by the old model, and as such created the MK II, with many upgrades made to the older armor, including by-far increasing its resilience to damage, and outfitting it with new stealth and protection systems.

About the Britva

The Britva MK II is a high-performance infantry armor. Although not as strong as a full Powered armor, it's still a very potent armor, able of taking a large amount of punishment and allowing it's user to dish out a similar amount. The armors performance, defenses, and just about everything else have been upgraded. Operators can now maintain a running speed of around 80 MPH, and lift around 1500 kg above their normal limit. The armor has also had a Volumetric Projection Array installed for stealth purposes.

Statistical Information:

The armor bears strong resemblance to its former incarnation, although there are a number of differences. First, the Nerimium-phosphorous plating on the chest has been removed. The armor is also now slightly bulkier than before, although not by much. It is generally painted black or camoflauged.

  • Maintenance: The Britva is required to be examined after every mission, and it is recommended to give it full maintenance, as well. If damaged, the armor should be given a major refit.
  • Lifespan: Theoretically ten years with good maintenance.

Systems Descriptions

1. Armor Plating

1a. Durandium Woven Armor

Protective layer The old Britva armor utilized a mix of Zanarium and Durandium weaves for its primary armor. However, to increase the armors resilience and lower its weight slightly, the weave has been changed to pure Durandium, greatly increasing it's strength against enemy weapons. It is still slightly looser and weaker around the joints, however. DR 6 for most of the armor, 5 on joints and neck

1b. Ballistics Gell

Kinetic Absorption Gel Using a common gel substance that works to spread the kinetic energy of a ballistics impact over a much larger area, this layer of the Britva is effective at protecting the body of the user from the vast internal damage a heavy impact is capable of causing. However, this creates a great deal of heat within the gel, necessitating the use of a cooling system in the case of heavy fire. The gel is inserted in small packets of SynAraS with a molecular weave, to ensure against leaks. The packs are arranged over one another, to allow even more spreading of kinetic damage. There are small openings in the casing allowing for the Coolant Circulation System to enter and cool the packs. This component has not changed from the previous version of the Britva armor.

1c. Coolant Circulation System

Co2 Ballistics Cooling System This system passes cold (-20 degrees C) Co2 through the Ballistics Gel packets lining the armor continuously. This is to prevent an over-heating within the containers, as the gel gains one degree Kelvin with most heavy hits. The coolant container and circulation pump are all located under the power plant in the rear section of the armor. This component has not changed from the previous version of the Britva armor.

1d. Nanomuscle layer

NAM Nanomuscle Layer Improves the reaction time and strength of the pilot by lining the insides of the suit with nanomuscles. These muscles are composed of many strands of nanochains which contract upon receiving an electric shock of the correct frequency. These nanomuscles contract and retract faster than organic muscles based on the signals received by the neuro probe. There is about half as much of this material as in most NAM Power Armor. This component has not changed from the previous version of the Britva armor, although it has gained a boost in its power.

1e. Stealth plating

The head and upper body of the Britva has received a number of small Zanarium plates, especially over the backpack. These make the Britva almost impossible to see on sensors, and are powered by the fusion generator.

1f. Backpack

The Britva's backpack houses many of its systems in a backpack, including the power plant and other systems. It has been slightly expanded from the original Britva armor, to incorporate the several new systems. It is also slightly more heavily armored than other parts of the suit, with a 6-centimeter thick layer of durandium over a very thin layer (.5 cm) of nerimium.

1g. Weapon attachment points

Gravitic weapons holders Located on the backpack and both thighs, the Britva MK II has several electromagnets allowing it to hold onto weapons and various pieces of equipment. They can be turned on and off, and set to varying strengths, by the Operator via his helmet-based electrical systems.

1h. Scalar protection

Utilizing special metallic plates located just under the durandium weave, the Britva MK II is capable of protecting itself from scalar radiation. These plates, which are based off of the gravitic plates used in many Qel'Noran Shipyards designs, create a very light anti-gravity field, capable of warding off scalar attacks, and making some heavy equipment slightly easier to use, but not by much.

2. Computer and Electronics

2a. SavTech JANE AI

Modified Combat Computer This is essentially the same Savtech AI used in most NAM ELEMENT series power armors, although modified to work more efficiently with the more limited systems available to the Britva. It is also tied into the IPG.DroogNET Combat Communications Network. This system is essentially unchanged from the MK I armor.

The IPG.DroogNET network is a massive communications system that links together the combat computers of all Operator-controlled Power Armors. The network takes all of this data, organizes it, and files it in the IPG central databanks. It can also be viewed at any time by select personnel at IPG Headquarters, and can be extended temporarily to other SAoN computer systems, both with or without their knowledge. This system is essentially unchanged from the MK I armor.

2c. Power Plant

The suit has a small, efficient Fusion reactor built into it's back. This supplies power to the nanomuscle layer, Zanarium weave, and the various other devices requiring energy to function. It, like most of the electronic devices, is surrounded by a thin layer of buckypaper to protect against EMP emissions and other nastiness, as well as adding extra durability. While much of this system remains the same as its predecessor, the hydrogen storage tanks present in the old model have been replaced with several palladium rods fully saturated with hydrogen.

2d. Helmet

The Britva's helmet has been changed from it's previous incarnation. While the face mask is still a Durandium gasmask, the visor has been widened slightly, allowing for more peripheral vision. It still maintains the same HUD and other components of its predecessor, however, including the AI and communications uplinks. The HUD is a light blue color, and made to be as unintrusive as possible on the Operator's vision.

The actual helmet contains the SavTech AI, neural probe, and the other computer-y bits required by the armor. These are protected by Buckypaper, as well as the Durandium plating. This is all mounted onto the same weave as the rest of the armor, but with a much thinner layer of Ballistics Gel and nano-muscle, due to the neck's need to move.

2e. Repair system

nam nano-constructor system Much like the old Britva's nano-repair system, the more advanced NCS bots use dozens of small tubes moving throughout the armor to implement repairs on damaged components, and are quicker and more efficient that the system they're replacing.

2f. Stealth Systems

NAM Volumetric Projection Array While the Britva MK I was quiet stealthed against sensors, it was still visible to the naked eye. In the MK II, this problem is remedied with a scaled-down volumetric projection array, much like that found on the IPG's NaX-SC-01a Malchick Stealth Corvette. The array is capable of producing images in any direction for ten meters, and can be used to mimic either the armor's surroundings (making the user invisible) or various other images. It is controlled by the armor's SAVtech unit.

2g. Shielding

NAM Electrostatic Shields The Britva incorporates basic Electrostatic shields into its design to protect against enemy weaponry. It is off by default. DR 3

Life Support Systems

The Britva uses the same life support system as most NAM armors, with Oxygen and Sucrose being supplied to the user when the environment does not provide suitable conditions. Due to limited space for these two things and the tendency for Operator missions to be in rather mundane locations, however, it is not used often, and the gas mask assembly in the face plate is used instead. This can be switched instantly, either by the user, or by automatic detection by the suit AI.

Weapons Systems

Combat Knife (1)

Making a reappearance on the Britva MK II is the standard combat knife from the old model. The weapon is a mostly Durandium vibroblade with a ten inch blade and carbon-coated grip fitted to the slightly enlarged hands of the Britva. The edge of the blade itself is made of extremely sharp Nerimium. To balance out the blade's coating, a small amount was also added to the core of the grip, heightening durability. While the quantity of Nerimium used is quite minimal (One eighth of a centimeter at any location on the blade, and only a sliver in the grip), it still increases the weight considerably, to the point where it is not advisable for someone not using an armor to handle it.

  • Primary Role: Anti-personnel, general purposes
  • Secondary Role: Anti-armor
  • Damage Rating Value: Heavy
  • Range: Melee
  • Rate of Fire: N/A
  • Payload Unlimited

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