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Constriction Band

Manufacturer and Pricing Information

  • Manufacturer: NAM Medtech
  • Price: 75


Even though technology has advanced, the human body has not. A single shot of most calibers to any Nepleslian limb causes the subject to double up in pain. In addition to the appendage rendered ineffective and mental anguish, the victim may also bleed to death, rendering the soldier to an even worst effectivenes than a dead body due to the extra team effort to pull him out under fire, as opposed to only needing to leave a corpse alone till after a battle. In this case it would be a lesser hassle should he be fatally hit in the torso or head where all the important organs are.

Enter the Constrictor Bands. A 1.2 Inch wide, 0.4 Inch thick black band. Its length is variable by adjusting its metallic “buckle”. The bands consist of small nano chains which shorten when applied with an electric signal at the correct frequency. The device responsible for emitting this signal is the buckle which holds a small microprocessor which routinely monitors the subject's blood pressure at both the arteries and veins to determine if the limb it is attached to is hit, this is because checking general blood pressure would only tell you if the subject is hit, not where he is hit.

Use and Effects

Should the band detect a sudden drop in pressure, the microprocessor instantly calculates the severity of the drop, determining if it is only a scratch, a penetration or a complete decapitation of the limb. With this information it then begins to constrict with just enough force to stop the bleeding. At the same time the buckle injects a quick acting local anesthetic with a single shot needle. The whole ordeal from pain to relief lasts a total of 3 seconds. Allowing just enough recovery for the victim to GTFO.

However, NAM recommends that the user affixes two bands per limb. Damage assessment would be more accurate should pressure be calculated from two points instead. Also smaller wounds like cuts or gunshot are better managed if there is a constriction both upstream and downstream of the wound. Better still if the user is using a Savtech JANE with a simple neurosensor, as its inclusion would boost calculation speed / accuracy and reaction time.

The Band can be reused, but the anesthetic has to be reloaded. As an additional feature the buckle has a small hook, should a rod be passed and locked between two hooks, the bands can work as a splint. They are usually placed on the upper arm, upper tight, upper forearm and upper calf.

On a final note, although there is a chance of getting beheaded in battle, fashionable as it seems as a choker, it is not recommended to wear a Constriction Band around the neck.

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