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NAM “Safety Net” Armour Preservation System

The “Safety Net” Armour Preservation System is an additional layer of protection to be added onto pre-existing armour sets as the need arises. It is an entirely modular system of power supplies, sensors and EM-field emitters that had, admittedly, been used in some form or another for a while. It was formally documented and standardized towards the end of YE 42, primarily used by upper-echelon personnel and VIPs.

Function and Design

An array of EM-field emitters and finely-tuned sensors are usually seated inside lightweight composite polymer or Durandium Alloy frames designed to conform to the chest and shoulders of the intended wearer’s chest protection, these arrays are then firmly fastened to the armour, either permanently or non-permanently dependent on the user and the situation. Thick, Stone Thread-sleeved cables are then routed from the underside of these cables, over the shoulders and under the armpits, to a compact ballistic computer and NAM Ultra Compact Fusion Generator which are usually mounted either between the shoulder blades or on the lower back.

Instead of outright bulking up the user with thicker, heavier armour for more protection at the sake of mobility, this package aims to increase the user’s survivability. The electromagnetic fields generated by the system have a chance to deflect lower-velocity projectiles away from the torso and neck, decreasing the force of non-deflected projectiles into something the armour has a better chance of resisting. It has the added effect of reducing the surface area of plasma-based attacks by partially dissipating its mass into the surrounding area and helping shed the superheated residue quicker.

The system is not perfect, extended use can put strain on the components and drain power quicker than it can be put into the capacitors, with the potential to overheat if overstressed. At most it might deflect a medium rifle round or reduce a .50 caliber into something that will just crack ribs instead of cavitating their chest.

At most, it has the potential to make a Tier 4, Light Anti-Armour weapon something the user could survive if wearing a NAM Hard Ballistics Vest or Golem Assault Armor, even if they are still greatly injured by the impact and their NAM Safety Net is reduced to a sparking mess of electronics.

Due to the complicated setup and chance of user-induced failure the NAM Safety Net is generally only issued to experienced, higher-ranking soldiers and IPG Operators, or VIPs they need to safeguard.


The NAM Safety Net consists of visible plating attached to the user’s shoulders/chest, filled with sensors and usually comprised of composite polymer or Durandium Alloy, with a small housing somewhere on the back containing its power supply and ballistic computer. If attached to some form of pre-existing armoured vest the cables routed over the shoulders/under the armpits are visible though can be mostly hidden if fully implemented into a custom fabrication or Golem Assault Armor.

When met with a detected projectile, the air can be seen shimmering with an ever so faintly blue-hued sheen, practically invisible to the naked eye unless enhanced via sensory gear keyed in for such high-speed events.


The NAM Safety Net is only available via requisition to higher-ranking soldiers and IPG Operators, be it for themselves or a VIP they need to protect. It must be noted that jury-rigged versions occasionally crop up in the field from personnel with the skill and know-how though these versions are usually drastically worse.

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very rarely, usually worn by a person in their custody

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