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NAM NCS Hypolathe

As the SMODIoN began to distance itself from the commercial medical goods produced by Emrys Industries, NAM found it necessary to develop equipment to fill those roles. Of these, is the NCS Hypolathe, a medical nanolathe with functionality geared for surgery, tissue regeneration and the administering of medication. It uses technology that while having been around for ages, reached its zenith in Nepleslian designs with the NAM Nano-Constructor System. Chevra Newman, the ersatz project lead gave it the look of a compact pistol and neat secondary mode, so that it wouldn't feel out of place on the belt of any Nepleslian medic.

General Information


NAM NCS Hypolathe


Tissue Regeneration

The NCS Hypolathe is capable of using a controlled release of medical NCS Nanobots and delivering onto damaged tissues. They quickly breakdown burnt and otherwise ruined tissues, mend injuries, remove small non-cybernetic foreign objects such as bullets, darts/flechettes and shrapnel, and restore lost tissues. This function is fully viable for use on cybernetic, synthetic and natural species, though a genetic and/or architectural blueprint is required to completely prevent the NCS Nanobots from causing undesirable effects, such as accidental tissue breakdown or mutilation. A killswitch button on the side can be used to deactivate any deployed nanobots in case of emergency.

Nanoconstructed Scalpel

The slitted nozzle in the front used for the administering of medical nanites can also be used as the guide for the creation of an auto-nanolathing scalpel blade. Comprised of a lattice of NCS Nanobots, the scalpel allows one to quickly excise any sizable objects lodged in the body and perform clean cuts. While not as sharp as a monomolecular-edged weapon, nanoscale whetting ensures that the blade is the perfect sharpness to pass through whatever substances need to be cut. Should the surgeon need a bone saw or full length knife, the blade can be extended to up to a foot.

It takes roughly 3 seconds to construct the Scalpel and 2 to sheath it.


Using ultrahigh pressures, medical solutions can be injected directly through the skin out the secondary nozzle. To prevent infection or the spread of illness, nanobots clean the nozzle after each dose.

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