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NSN 1st Expeditionary Fleet

A breakaway from Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia normal military doctrine, the 1st Expeditionary Fleet was formed during the great reformation of the Nepleslian fleets. Originally, the fleets had little structure and were lopsided in both asset numbers and goals. When the reformation happened and balanced many fleets with proper division of warships and staff, part of it left-over was noted as being capable of matching the roles of the already well-established four fleets and the defense fleet. Upon the recognition of this, during YE 39, an old member of the NSN was chosen to be promoted and entrusted with this group. Its initial leader and the one who proposed it be not a responsive fleet but an expeditionary fleet was Julia Brisk, who stated that Nepleslia should not look inward, but face the challenge of exploring and exposing the stars to those who seek the dawn of a new and once-again mighty Nepleslia.

Outlined Fleet Purposes

While its name promotes the idea that the fleet is intended to be purely exploratory, this is simply due to the fact that it alone has gained the role of exploring. As a result, it actually has a very refined list of purposes and use-intended in the fleet's operation…

  • Protect Nepleslia during times of incredible conflict1)
  • To seek out new allied nations and species, while performing searches for hideouts of factions such as the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia and the NMX.
  • Ensure the general success Nepleslian corporate and civilian efforts to expand DIoN influence, as well as those of its allies, through military aid such as training or direct military action.


After their formation in YE 39, the promotion of Julia Brisk was finalized through a meeting with Gaelan Sanders and Barrett Valke. Almost immediately, the fleet was ordered to assemble around Fortuna along with Freespacers willing to follow and work alongside the Nepleslians. The group quickly began to assemble, resupply, and prepare to deploy.

Not but a few days later, a request from Command for the 1st Expeditionary Fleet to relieve the 1st Assault Fleet was made. The fleet was to head to the recently acquired Lorath space, under the orders to further help the population and secure the sector of space…

List Format

  • Conceptualized in early YE 39, thanks to remaining assets to form another fleet.
  • Formed in YE 39 sometime later, under the command of Julia Brisk.
  • Began gathering and preparing for mobilization and first Deployment during YE 39.


The organizational information of the fleet can be seen below2).

Command Staff

Founding Officer: Julia Brisk

Commanding Officer 3): Julia Brisk Executive Officer 4): TBD Commandant: N/A

Personnel Counts

Navy Personnel: 400,000 - 500,000 5) Marine Personnel: 450,000 - 600,000 6)

Logistical Information

Headquarters: Planet Fortuna, Starbase Fortunato Primary Ship Supplier: NAM Shipyards Secondary Ship Supplier: System P1-5 "Area 52" 7)

Current Ship Count

550 ships are available within the 1st Expeditionary Fleet.

Fleet Structure

Unlike many fleets, the 1st Expeditionary Fleet puts a focus on using its often distant-destinations as a training ground. With how they often face much smaller groups away from the main inhabited areas of the sector, this means that many of their most accomplished groups will be positioned as individual leadership of the many Task Forces and Task Groups. While Task Groups will often change in composition and be formed of multiple Task Forces, the Task Forces are the equivalent to the long-standing “squadron” structure employed by other fleets. This results in mixed groupings of ships, balanced between the many Forces to ensure that the combination of them to form Task Groups results in a still-balanced fleet. However, as a result, the Task Forces often end up being known for their leadership styling rather than their combat prowess or expected roles based on ship composition.


Currently: Safe Breadth - Orca-class Battlecruiser Flagship Modification

Unlike most fleets, the 1st Expeditionary Fleet should often be headed by an Orca-class Battlecruiser with a Flagship modification. This is due to the highly mobile nature and the allocation of its main battleships being emphasized into their main-print variations rather than modifying something like a Primus.

1st Task Force "Farthest Stride"

Task Force "Farthest Stride" was the first element of the 1st Expeditionary Fleet formed, often lead and commanded by the Flagship and the current Commanding Officer of the Fleet. As a personal battle force, the 1st Task Force is often deployed in smaller numbers than the other Task Forces and Task Groups within the Fleet, acting as personal guards and protegee that the Admiral wishes to directly train and guide.

OOC Notes

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This would be defined as a situation similar to when the Mishhu attacked Nepleslia and began pushing and taking planet after planet.
They gun' git organized.
Rear Admiral
5) , 6)
Estimated during initial formation period
Special Orders and Live Testing

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