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Kennewessian Raceways

A series of racetracks and courses created in YE 40, the Kennewessian Raceways is one of the first official tracks designated for use with the Nepleslian Airbike Racing Circuit. As its name implies, the raceways are on the planet of Kennewes. The raceways creator and primary sponsor is Ken-TEC. The general racetrack theme is swamp marshes, forests, and ancient ruins.

More about the Kennewessian Raceways

Comprised of over 200 square miles / over 320 square kilometers, the Kennewessian Raceways functions primarily as a dynamic course. Using various beacons controlled from the Raceways Hub, the entire track can be modified at over 5,000 main points along the area to create new tracks on the fly. Further still, over 30,000 additional micropoints exist that allow for more precise and daring curves and turns within the tight forested swamps and ruins dotting the raceways. The longest track variation is known as the Offensive's Respite.

Currently, the Kennewessian Raceways supports track types for the following vehicle types:

  • Airbikes, Hoverbikes, and Gravbikes (A/H/G)

Offensive's Respite (A/H/G Track)

The Offensive's Respite earns its name because it utilizes a stretch of ruins left behind during the Kennewes Offensive. Most of the track runs through the swamps and forests, but relies on a tightly knit obstacle run that laces in and out of various elements of destroyed and crashed Red forces from the Offensive. The track's intensive close-quarters sections combined with lengthy sprints through the woods makes it not only longer, but a nail-biting experience.

Despite the length and challenge of running the Respite, the most popular use from local teams and racer enthusiasts is using the Respite specifically as a practice course; the ruins sections helps refine racer intuition and understanding of turn capacity and speed, while the forest and open swamps prioritize learning altitude and racing lane prioritization.

OOC Notes

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