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Nepleslian Military Common Skills

All Nepleslian military personnel are trained in three common skills before they receive their occupational training.


Nepleslian personnel are generally no strangers to getting into fights as they tend to originally hail from the overcrowded, hostile slums of Funky City. If your character hasn't learned to hold their own in fights on the street or in bars, y'all gon' learn today son. Your character is familiar with a wide variety of improvised fighting styles derived from boxing, MMA, prison riots, violent video games, and Yamataian jujitsu. They are able to fight with bare hands or with a variety of improvised weapons like knives, baseball bats, axes, folding chairs, silicone body parts, and iron skillets.

Cursing Like Sailors or Marines (Communications)

Nepleslian personnel are required to be ejamacated in the Kagami Galaxy's most common language, Trade, which is descended from what we'd call English. Your character is able to cuss someone out on all Nepleslian models of telephones, ship intercom systems, power armor communications units, behind people's backs, and right to their faces.

I'll Drive, You Shoot

Nepleslian personnel are proficient in the use of a ridiculous number of weapon systems, from an ever-changing array of 10 types of power armor to cheap-ass hand pistols, flamethrowers, grenades, sawn-off shotguns, armored spacesuits with grappleguns, and plasma sniper rifles. Not only are Nepleslians almost magically able to operate anything that shoots, but they are trained in the Nepleslian military to be able to actually hit their targets on a consistent basis from the prone, kneeling, seated, and standing positions as well as from moving vehicles.

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