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Use of NPC Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia

The Nepleslian Star Military keeps its defense fleets within several AU of planets such as Delsauria, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, and the NovaCorp Warp gates stationed above each world. The new Nepleslian Defense network will prevent any FTL travel within one light year of a Nepleslian World. Any ship moving within this one LY boundary has entered a free fire zone and will be attacked with long range torpedo strikes. The exception to this rule is the planet Delsauria, where all trade and customs work is done prior to moving through warp gates to other Nepleslian worlds. Ships approaching will asked to stop so they can be scanned. They will receive a warning that the scans are harmful to NH series weapons and will be given a chance to leave. Once scanned, they will be allowed to pass through to the Delsauria gate and to any planet in the Nepleslian Empire through that gate.

The following message is broadcast by the Nepleslian Defensive Network over multiple channels including Hyperwave and subspace radio. The message is continuously repeated in all languages known to the Nepleslian Star Empire:

“Attention all ships, the area one light-year around Nepleslia, Nepleslia Prime, Rok’Veru, Kennewes and New Kohana has been declared a Free Fire Zone. All ships seeking passage to Nepleslia should do so through the Delsauria gate due to the recent security concerns.”

If you need to interact with a Nepleslian Ship or go to a Nepleslian world PM or talk to a Nepleslian GM (Or a Damasica (Neo Kohana) GM if you are headed there) prior to interacting to ensure that NPCs of the Nepleslian Empire are played properly. The Current GMs are the best source for information as the Wiki articles sometimes fall behind what has occurred ICly.

Use of NPC Nepleslian Resourcing Bases

In the event of hostiles approaching the system the Kante monitoring stations will monitor the ships from a distance and relay the information to the ships in the sector. If it is a small force the smaller escort starships and DD4-class Destroyers will group up and attempt to take out the enemy ship in mass. If the resourcing ships are not overwhelmingly superior in number to the attacking ships they will utilize anti-interdiction technology to retreat from the area and await the 2nd assault fleet’s arrival.

In any other events the ships will continue with resourcing operations and notify the 2nd assault fleet when other ship’s approach. The 2nd fleet will then dispense an appropriate response, typically in the form of a diplomatic ship to make preliminary contact. In first contact situations or extremely important diplomatic incidents the 2nd fleet will request support from the home world.

Starship Deployment For Resourcing Bases

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