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Nepleslian Space Marine Corps

The Nepleslian Space Marine Corps or NSMC is the largest part of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. It is the biggest can of whoop-ass Nepleslia can deploy to any planetary surface. Every Marine is expected to be an aggressive killer who knows that nothing in the galaxy can stop him.

Wulfe Stones in NSMC Uniform

About the NSMC

The NSMC is commanded by Sky Marshall Gaelan Sanders.


  • To shatter every man, beast, and god that threatens the sovereignty of the Nepleslian people.


Identification and Markings

  • Standard Vehicle Colors: Green paint (sometimes with white, black, or yellow details)
  • Symbols and Markings: Black star on a green or Nepleslian-flag background.



Training and Tactics

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