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Nepleslian Military Occupations


These are occupations open to the Marines of the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps.

Combat Roles

These are front-line combat specific roles. Marines in these roles possess only one job - kill the enemy and do their duty to the Imperium. These are roles which Marines can enter right after Basic Training without much extra training.

General Infantry

These are the brave men, women, aliens, and machines who are sent into combat for the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. This is one of the easiest jobs in the military, however it is also the most dangerous one since General Infantry Marines are always the first on the ground and last off.

Basic training is generally carried out in Funky City by the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps, preparing General Infantry to fill the basic needs of Nepleslia, infantry combat, how to shoot, hand to hand, and the skills needed to police the megacities of the planet. Once basic has found out if the soldiers can both walk and talk they moved on to Power Armor training.

It is here where Nepleslia and Yamatai split in military philosophy. Nepleslian soldiers rarely contribute to the operation of a starship; therefore, their required skill sets are somewhat different than those of a standard soldier or member of Yamatai. Soldiers are taught basic power armor operation and can specialize in a variety of areas. It is from here that the Marine Corps trains their snipers, medics, engineers, and other experts.

For the skills themselves, as well as some backstory elements for your character’s training see:
Marine Skills

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Marine Cavalry

Though the term is outdated, it is used to distinguish between the Marines who operate armored fighting vehicles like the Jackelope APC or aircraft like the Corona Gunship. Though less numerous than their power armored counterparts, these specialists are essential force multipliers, able to influence the course of battle with a single precision strike.

For more information, see Cavalry Training

Support & Specialist Roles (Marines)

Marine Support Staff do the jobs that keep the NSMC able to fight but they are no slouches themselves when it comes to combat. Marine support staff are also cross trained in power armor usage to lend a hand in combat.

Nepleslian philosophy holds that every space aboard a starship needs to be used. The same philosophy of efficiency extends to the Marine Support Staff as well. While they are trained to preform a variety of duties, they are also cross trained in power armor combat and can hold their own just as well as General Infantry Marines. Unlike support staff in Yamatai, they accompany the Marine infantry on operations.


Good food makes for good marines, and the humble cook is the soldier most responsible for the moral of the unit. In addition to cooking gluttonous feasts while the marine unit is onboard a starship, they are also in charge of producing just as amazing feasts using pre packaged rations or 'It could be worse' feasts using whatever food they have available. These soldiers go through marine basic training and then are sent to the Marine Cook School.

For more information, see Marine Basic Training, Marine Cook Training

Demolitions Specialist

These men and women provide an explosive end to any target. Specializes in the use and handling of high-grade explosives, both in and out of combat. To gain this title, Marines must attend a ten week course after finishing Basic Training.

For more information, see Demolitions Training


Marine Engineers are the grease-monkeys who keep the Corps running. Without them, every piece of equipment would fall apart. Their diligence and skills are often overlooked by younger Marines who think that the glory lies in shooting, killing and looking good every minute. Older Marines, veterans who know the true lay of the land, will recognize the part that their Engineer colleagues play on and off the battlefield.

For more information, see Combat Engineer Training

Medics and Doctors

“Lethal killers and potent healers” is the best phrase to describe Marine medics. They are first line of treatment for wounded or sick Marines. Training takes place at the Nepleslia Prime Medical School. Medics also have the option of going onto to become Marine Doctors.

For more information, see Medic Training, Doctoral Training


One shot, one kill. The most efficient killers and the most observant eyes on the battlefield. Marine snipers must be more than riflemen. They are the eyes and ears of a commander, reporting back what they find before engaging. As such, they are required to be a cut above the rest to earn the coveted designation of “Sniper” and the Sniper specialist badge.

For more information, see Sniper Training


These are the occupations open to the sailors of the Nepleslian Star Navy, or NSN.

Starship: Enlisted Personnel

These are positions open to starter character in the NSN.

Med-Bay Technician

Med-Bay Technicians aren't fully fledged doctors but act as medical assistants to Naval doctors. They are familiar with the use of all medical and surgical procedures. These men and women receive much of the same training that NSMC Medics go through and are thus, able to complement the doctors with triage procedures and temporary treatments to stabilize patients.

For more information, see Doctoral Training

Shuttle/Fighter Pilot

Naval pilots are the poster perfect glory-boys of the Navy. Despite their relatively low number, many Naval enlistees dream of being a Fighter Pilot and entering that small club of warriors. The aura of supreme confidence, tight-knit camaraderie, and deadly skill lend the most dramatic and romantic images to the Naval pilots. From the way the recruitment officers spin it, anyone can be a pilot.

The reality of the situation, however, is that Navy pilots are few and far between because of the needs of the service. Many pilot-candidates are unable to deal with the stress of being a fighter jock and are relegated to being shuttle drivers. The most promising and most flexible candidates are accepted as fighter or, even more coveted, bomber pilots.

For more information, see Pilot Training

Ship Engineer

Engineers aboard Nepleslian warships are the most odd breed. They often view the machines as both mechanical and living. Engineers feel for the machines with a sixth sense born from countless hours of knowing how they should work and how even the slightest deviation could affect a piece of equipment.

Like their Marine counterparts, their specialties and roles are divided into the same categories of mechanical and electrical engineering. During combat, engineers form damage control parties to fix and repair damaged systems or seal breaches in the ship's hull. At all times, they monitor the ship's functions and ensure that everything is safe and sound.

For more information, see Engineer Training


Naval Gunners might have the most fun job. They get to fire the big guns on Nepleslian warships. Their duties range from installing and maintaining the weapon system(s) they are assigned to loading and firing those weapons during combat. While automated systems usually handle starship combat, there are always times when a human hand is required.

For more information, see Starship Operations: Gunnery Training


Naval Security personnel are not often assigned to NSN starships. That role is usually left to ship-borne Marines. Naval Security are usually assigned to starbases or ground installations instead, where the need for Marine guards is less pressing. On the occasions when Navy ships are crewed by Security personnel instead of Marines, they are just as efficient at keeping order on the ship.

They are trained in boarding operations as well as defensive planetary tactics. As security personnel, they are not trained in Power Armor nor are they as proficient in a planetary attack as the Marines. As defensive light units, they are the best the NSN can field.

For more information, see Marine Skills and Training

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